HTC Amaze 4G From T-Mobile Now Available

Don’t look now, but the HTC Amaze 4G from magenta is now available. T-Mobile’s offering a 4.3 inch qHD device with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, Android 2.3, an 8 megapixel video camera with 1080p HD video recording, HSPA+ 42mbps and a lot more. Android 2.3 with HTC Sense rounds out the software – you guys already know what that’s about. $260 will net you all of this, but considering its specs T-Mobile makes a very good case for the cost. Check it out at their website to get started. If you needed an Amaze 4G community to get started with, start filling up its specific section at

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  • Bill Wardingley

    Nice specs but seems a little too much $$$

    • Todd

      How is an extra $60 bucks ($260 vs usual $200) over the span of a 24 month contract too much for a high-spec device? The extra $2.50/month in cost is dwarfed by the data plans we all already utilize, and also remember that the phone is greatly subsidized.

  • Dave Johnson

    Why does the link to “their website” point to a Duke Nukem pic?

  • logotic

    There’s a wee typo, “their website” links to a Dune Nukem jpg…

  • surethom

    Very nice looking phone But warning the video recording microphone is STILL the usual rubbish HTC one. And this phone is being sold on the basis of the camera and dedicated video hardware button. Poor HTC again, get a better microphone please.

  • Ricky Wainwright

    How small is the battery?

    • Christopher Seavey

      1730 mAh lithium-ion

  • Ilan Cortes

    4.5 inch? thought that was the Galaxy S 2 and this one had a 4.3?

  • Wtpanos

    Just played with one of these as well as the galaxy s II. Samsung wins hands down. So hard not to buy one, but I must wait until I hear about the prime.

  • Contact

    Want so badly… Jus too pricey. :( Sticking with the G2X for now.

  • nemesys06

    i laugh at the price considering the fact that i got the epic touch for 150. considering it runs better than the 1.5ghz snapdragon i feel that tmobile is ripping their customers off. even sprint itself has a better deal on their galaxy s2

  • NightAngel79

    Quentyn that AF link points to a thread about a wifi issue, its in the amaze section but thread is about a different phone. I’m moving it now….

  • The_ATL_Guy

    Some of you can’t afford an extra $50 BUT can afford your monthly bill?

  • darren

    Android 2.3.4 and a 1730 battery, this phone is going to be pretty awesome.

  • darren

    Although why no micro-usb charger???

    • Rick Fambry

      its on the left hand side

  • Daniel Tiberius

    Why release this when they have the Sensation?

    • Rick Fambry

      faster processor and NFC capabilities….its all about the specs..pretty much same phone tho.. im in a toss up between the two of them also…

      • Daniel Tiberius

        I’m all about nice stats and all, but I’d think they’d wait until they have a bigger step up before they release something. Maybe they didn’t have anything else to release before the Sensation 2 so they went ahead and got something else out.