Download: Samsung Stratosphere Partial Dump (Ringtones, Notifications and Livewallpapers)

Our friend P3Droid has gotten his hands on a partial system dump for the Samsung Stratosphere, Verizon’s upcoming Android handset. He says the device is like a DROID Charge with a keyboard. Something we’ve heard before but we’re always glad to hear corroboration between multiple sources. The full system dump can be had here (164.41MB zip file) but we’ll be working to upload separate files for notifications, ringtones and live wallpapers. [MyDroidWorld]

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  • Aymen Schehaider

    Awsome, Nice Dump :D Go Go Droid

  • Khalid.H

    hold on here, samsung made a phone with a FIVE ROW KEYBOARD??? in THIS day and age???

    Mind = blown.

    Maybe there is hope for the supposed keyboard version of the upcoming nexus to have a 5 row keyboard.

    • Bis

      I don’t get it, what is wrong with a 5-Row?

      • Khalid.H

        Nothing. 5 row keyboards are awesome. My point was that the last few hundred keyboard phones that were released only had 4 rows. Seeing that samsung actually released a 5 row keyboard phone in the present day is quite awesome.