Confirmed: Best Buy Offering HTC Flyer for $300

Late last week, a rumor emerged suggesting Best Buy would discount the HTC Flyer to $300. We believed this was due to the low-priced Kindle Fire tablet that has already gotten over 100,000 preorders a month and a half from release.

It turns out that rumor was true, though, as the device has been spotted on Best Buy’s website for $300. It’s a 7 inch Android device with a 1.5GHz single-core processor, Android 2.3 and HTC Sense for tablets with Scribe support. HTC’s said to be working on a Honeycomb upgrade for the device though they didn’t give a time frame as to when we would see it. Check it out at Best Buy if it’s ever interested. [Thanks Matt!]

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  • Lincoln Mennuti

    I MIGHT’VE been interested if the stylus was included. But as a ridiculously overpriced $80 for that stylus, no thanks.

    • The_ATL_Guy

      LOL $80 is HTC on crack?

  • Idongacha

    Black friday 199…if it has the pen, I want 2

  • Vote Goat

    Are they ever gonna open the Scribe api to 3rd parties developers like Sketchbook? I’m in if they do so I can use it for drawing/painting. The Lenovo Thinkpad tablet does an amazing job with its pressure sensitive pen. Unfortunately, every video I’ve seen of the Thinkpad shows it to be painfully laggy.

  • Daniel

    I love this tablet but don’t like the silver and white I want the EVO view.

  • Daniel

    But is this temporary or forever.

  • AdrianP513

    Is this just a wifi version?

  • Ryan chandler

    Honestly this is a fantastic deal. I was gonna get my dad a rooted nook color (he’s jealous of my mom’s ), but at this price it would be crazy to get the nook.

  • Steve Ramirez

    It looks like a good tablet for $300. The only features I don’t like about it is the 5 megapixel camera and no HDMI output capability.