HTC Holiday Gets FCC Shine With AT&T LTE

The HTC Holiday is expected to come to America for AT&T and their brand new 4G network and the FCC has somewhat confirmed that. We have an HTC device with the frequencies AT&T uses for its 4G network and a sizable device. We’d say the Holiday fits that profile well with its 4.5 inch display. For specs, there’s a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera with HD video recording, a front-facing camera and more. We’re expecting it to be here in time for the holidays. (OK that’s the last time I do that.) [FCC, via]

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  • Randy

    so this is on at&t’s lte network and who does that exactly cover. pretty much nobody. lol

    • Alek Tritt

      Engadget makes that joke.

      • Randy

        real android phans read phandroid before engadget

        • Alek Tritt

          I’m sorry engadget posted it first?

    • dbcad7

      It does still have HSPA+ as well .. which was the strategy behind the HSPA+ network upgrade.. At the risk of again listening to some rant about “true” 4G.. The idea is that where you don’t have LTE you still have 4G speeds.. The Verizon situation is that where there is no LTE you have the “slower” 3G .. ok, now the blah blah blah “NOT 4G” comments are sure to follow.. so whatever.

      • allday28

        See thats the problem. Att needs that backup cause of the crappy coverage. Verizon doesnt need that. There whole 3g footprint is onna be covered by LTE by 2013 maybe sooner. Why do you thing att wants Tmobile so bad??

        • jhomey23

          I say its not a bad backup system when you move out of the LTE area coz it still maintain a faster 3G connection (HSPA+). I have a LTE modem from VZW and when i stepped outside LTE area my connection screech to a halt.. horrible transition. They wanna buy tmobile because the government mandated the amount of frequency each carrier may have and in order to improve the network, the only way to gain more frequencies is to acquire a carrier like T-mobile. Verizon got ahead got ahead of the game and at&t is playing catch up. I cant wait for LTE to light up in LA.

          • allday28

            Your missing the point to wjat I said. When there LTE network is done rolling out in 2013 your not gonna have to worry about that cause theres hardly gonna be any spots that dont have LTE unless your in a damn jungle.. LOL!! Atts service is not gonne be near as abundant so they are gonna need hspa+ to fall back on..

    • id10terrordfw

      ~19,729,941 people according to 2010 Census numbers.

      • Randy

        19,729,941 on at&t’s lte???? you must be getting your numbers from the republicans

        • id10terrordfw

          You said it covers no one, that is patently false. Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Atlanta have almost 20 million people in their metro areas, therefore “coverage” exists as available to them. You didn’t say active users, you said coverage. Facts are facts, and just because places like NYC, SFO, and LA are not active yet doesn’t mean “nobody” gets coverage. Amazingly, people live outside those areas. Like, the majority of Americans.

          • id10terrordfw

            Oh, I completely forgot Chicago in my numbers, so it is really ~29191046 that already have AT&T LTE coverage turned on. My bad.

  • Jaswinder Singh

    Thats what I thought that you had to cover people to call it a network…

  • InspectorGadget80

    Would love to trade my Atrix for the Holiday. just hope they give it another name when it comes out

    • Shawn

      Hopefully, they will stick with the Raider name when it is released. I have been sitting on an upgrade and have my eye on this. Usually takes a month after a phone hits FCC, so hopefully this comes out by Halloween!

  • MarcusDW

    It swallowed an iPhone.

  • dude

    In relation to lte networks, Big Red is in a better position. Even though the vzw 3g is slower, the 4G markets stand at 140+ with 175 by years end. Att need HSPA + while VZW will just light up more lte.

  • lolwut

    Your opinion on AT&T will likely vary based on where you live. Here in Austin, TX I’m very satisfied with AT&T. There’s a couple of little dead zones here and there, but they’re few and far between and our HSPA+ is speedy. Can’t comment on LTE yet, but I’m looking forward to it. However I have friends in other cities that can’t get a signal half of the time.