Rogers Spreads LTE to Three Canadian Cities, HTC Jetstream and LTE Galaxy S II to Follow

After unveiling their 4G LTE service in Ottawa a few months back, Rogers is spreading their next-gen network to three new cities and detailing plans for the release of their first compatible tablet and smartphone offerings. Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver have all received their taste of LTE love, bringing high-speed cellular services to a large portion of the Canadian population. Along with the new cities, a promotional plan was announced that provides users with 10GB of LTE data per month for $53 as part of a three-year contract.

Plans for the release of Rogers’ first LTE smartphone and tablet were also announced. The HTC Jetstream will debut for $500 on a three-year contract or $800 without, matching the top-dollar price the tablet commands on AT&T’s network in the States. The 4G slate features identical specs to its US counterpart including a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon and 32GB of internal storage. The Samsung Galaxy S II LTE will also be available, sporting a 4.5-inch display and dual-core chipset. It will be priced at $200 on contract or $650 outright. Both devices will be available October 18th.

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  • thatcrazyone

    well atleast prices are looking better

    • lynyrd65

      Three year contract….

      • chris0101

        We get fleeced big time here in Canada.

        3 years … and no unlimited plans on pretty much any carrier except for the real small ones.

      • fred12345

        and incredibly expensive Canadian Data plans. $50 for 2Gigs/month. Are you friggin kidding me!

        • fred12345

          btw to pre-empty the first goof that says “but the post says it’s 10Gig. That must be some promotion or maybe only for the first 3months. There is always some catch. The regular plans that EVERYONE will end up paying over the long term is $50 for 2Gig/month. That is the cheapest data plan. They go up from there.

  • RamonHenson

    mу bеst friеnd’s mоm mаkes $ 77 аn hоur оn thе cоmputer. Shе hаs bеen оut оf jоb fоr 9 mоnths but lаst mоnth hеr chеck wаs $ 7487 jуst wоrking оn thе cоmputer fоr а fеw hоurs. Rеad аbout it hеre

  • Perfect Icons

    Great job Rogers! This awesome Galaxy S II really rocks for me. I’m sure this LTE 4g are smoother that the old one. Not like the others, every time I drag the web icons sometimes it stock and having a devastated icon.

  • Toolbar Icons

    Well, prices are lowered, user interfaces are speed up and more and more. Soon after I finish these toolbar icons you’ll be mine too. Thanks for posting it.

  • Aha Soft

    Is it too bad for 3 years contract? iPhone Development are getting better and also prices are now decreasing, and they’ll grow up with everyone’s data plan.

  • 777 Icons

    3 year contract? The price pierces me into two pieces. I can’t even sell myself just for this Galaxy S II. Time to get ready selling my icons for windows and have this $500!