Asus Eee Pad Transformer Receives Update to Android 3.2.1

An update is being pushed to the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer bringing its software build number to 8.6..5.13. Most notably, the update raises the tablet’s Android version to 3.2.1. It also brings about bug fixes, updates to pre-installed applications, and enhanced WiFi stability. New Farsi language support and improved language translation also come along with the update, as well as minor enhancements to the devices web browser.

The update is currently in the process of rolling out to Transformer devices. A full change log can be found over at Asus’ Facebook page.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  • King_James_The_Wicked

    I love my Transformer…

  • Sam Larko

    The best part about this update is the new app called Super Note. Handwriting-aware note taking app! It’s better than any of the apps I’ve tested in the various markets.

    • Chris Sullivan

      Sam what are you using as a stylus?

  • Scott Tompkins

    GO ASUS! Glad they’re keeping up with updates :) Got mine installed.

  • Alek Tritt

    Go Asus! Still so glad i went with the Transformer.

  • jo bu

    thank you ASUS for re-affirming my choice

  • TongueDar

    AWESOME! Thanks Sam. I wouldn’t have looked for Super Note if you hadn’t mentioned it.

  • Khalid.H

    Asus seems amazing with their updates. I’m sure most manufacturers would put their device(s) on “end of life” by now.

  • Perfect Icons

    This is really great! Go for it Asus! Keep transforming more and more, I can’t imagine how technology for to day is especially upgraded. I love how Asus support my web icons.

  • Toolbar Icons

    Great work ASUS! Keep transforming in to a higher level. Toolbar icons get better when I change to ASUS. Thanks you. Keep up for more updates.

  • Aha Soft

    Affirmative Asus! You now have a great master of Transformer, this Android make me sick and I really want it. My icons for iPad should work on this? I hope it will. Thanks Asus!

  • 777 Icons

    The best update from Asus ever! It is cool handling a transformer device like this while walking around the school. Bug fixes and more features are offered. We’re Hoping for more icons for windows to be downloaded.