Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Passes Through the FCC

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6810) has finally passed through the FCC and simultaneous given us more hope that the device could actually launch stateside possibly in time for the holidays. While there was no mention of wireless bands leaving us in the dark as far as which carrier this device will land on, I’d expect it to hit the big fours just like its older brother, the 10.1, did. Even though I still haven’t been able to justify a tablet purchase, 7.7-inches does seem like the sweet spot as far as my tastes go. What do you guys think?

[FCC via Engadget]

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  • Jens Zalzala

    “Even though I still haven’t been able to justify a tablet purchase, 7.7-inches does seem like the sweet spot as far as my tastes go. What do you guys think?”
    Well, I don’t think you need to justify it. Just do it.
    (but yes, I think that the 7 inch Tab was much handier than the 10.1 incher, though usage wise honeycomb blows the old tab out of the water. This will be the sweet spot).

    • Chris Chavez

      LOL! I have to justify every purchase! I have too many gadgets laying around =p

      Had to sell my Google I/O 10.1 Tab because it was just laying around gathering dust =/

      • Sam Keaser

        Out of curiosity did you guys ever give one of those away or was that contest a lie. Like the cake. :P

        • Chris Chavez

          No. We did. To Micah something or other. Can’t remember his last name. If your my friend on Facebook can you can find him through there =p

          • Sam Keaser

            I must have missed that, my bad :P

            Also there’s a large amount of Chris Chavez’s on Facebook…

  • Robert Manser

    It’s going to have a true HD screen 1280×720 and I think 7.7 is perfect, It’s a table not a laptop.

    • Salvador Leblanc

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  • MichaelnotTChristian

    As the owner of the original GalaxyTab 7.0, I’ve been waiting, with my tongue hanging out, for this new 7.7” upgrade…… I hope those bastards at ROTTEN Apple don’t try to block it.

  • Del373

    I wish this came in a wifi-only flavor. What I can’t justify is paying for another data connection when I already have a perfectly usable one on my Droid.

    • Ilan Cortes

      Mobile AP :D i remember T-Mobile site messed up and they sold me 3 Galaxy Tabs for 199 each W/O contract… :) i used them as wifi only devices most times.. sometimesss i used one as my phone.. good times. :D

  • Ilan Cortes

    I didn’t find any justification for owning a Galaxy Tab previously, even if i got lucky and got them for 200 off contract.. after two months I sold it on eBay for 380, :) but this baby right her’ definitely has my eye. O_x

  • Tom The Nerf Herder

    I would be a lot more inclined to buy one of these if the Galaxy wasn’t overpriced and competely devoid of storage ports… All of the other tablets I’m interested in have SD card slots, and the new Galaxy Tab models have no place to pop in an extra storage card.

    Looking closer, I see that there IS a slot on here… so perhaps I will give this a second look, after all.

  • Karel Laoh
  • Tim Needham

    CNET recently mentioned that Samsung Italy confirmed the 7.7 would ship with ICS. I also thought the fcc got a WiFi 7.7.
    Anyone else heard these?

    P.s. would love to see more on the 7.7.