Philips GoGear Connect Now Available for Preorder

Philips has finally made their GoGear Connect PMP available for presale. It’s an Android-based device that looks like it could still be on Froyo, but we can’t say for sure. If you need something this size (3.2 inches) and just want a cheap device to play your content on, give it a look.

There’s an 8GB version available for $170 while a 16GB version costs $200. Both models offer WiFi and the ability to expand storage with a microSD card. For the price you should at least consider it up against other options (and it doesn’t look half bad to begin with). [8GB, 16GB]

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  • Cris Tate

    In the description on the order page it says 2.3, gingerbread. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

  • Del373

    Philips makes some pretty decent hardware…I have a MP3/CD player by them that’s still running strong.