Casio G’zOne Commando $.01 at Amazon

The Casio G’zOne Commando isn’t a bad phone if you need something that won’t break the moment you breath on it. Amazon has the device on sale for a penny. While it’s not a huge drop for $20, it’s still next to nothing to walk away with it.

We reviewed the device when it first came out. Kevin said the Android experience was modest, but usable. Casio’s custom user interface was actually cool in some aspects. And while the phone is about as ugly as the device’s name, its industrial design won’t phase those who actually need this. Check the deal out at Amazon.

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  • Abdur9

    Cant seem to click on the review link. :(

  • Eric Soriano

    I’d like to try this phone if only it was 4G!

  • allansm

    If it was this price without a contract I’d buy it.

  • JohnMantI09876

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  • Xcelr8ion

    Nice to see phandroid stopped those stupid ads

  • Rustam

    I kinda like the rounded design.