Motorola Atrix 2 Preview Reveals Non-Pentile Display?


Seems Motorola may have finally wised up when it comes to those atrocious Pentile displays in their upcoming Atrix 2 device. TIMN who got some extended hands-on time with the device, was able to snap a quick pic of the screen comparing it to the Bionic. What did they find? Well, it seemingly, the Atrix 2 will be using traditional LCD for their display. You can check out the picture below and judge for yourself.

I added another pic from Droid-Life comparing a couple more Pentile/non-Pentile displays. All in all, I’d say this is pretty great news for anyone who was thinking of picking up the new Atrix 2 when it releases. What do you guys think? Is this the start of Motorola doing away with Pentile altogether? Does screen quality even matter to you?

[TIMN via Droid-Life]

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  1. Call me crazy, but those pictures really don’t illustrate the issue very well. The only thing I learned is that the Nexus S apparently has way better signal than the Droids.

    1. Click on the pics for higher res images, yo.


      1. I don’t usually use a microscope to play angry birds.

    2. Color saturation? Super AMOLED kills it!

      1. Nexus may be more vivid but I think the Droid X appears less pixelated.

    3. Keep in mind that the Droids are on Verizon and the Nexus S is likely on T-Mobile. This just means that in this particular spot, T-Mobile has better coverage.

      1. not really complete i mean its not like every device pictured is from the same area.

    4. Exactly. From that pic….at closer to normal viewing distances….could one really tell the difference?

      I truly believe the Pentile debate is blown outta proportion.

  2. that phone looks good….

  3. I don’t know why people are so nitpicking on a 4inch display screen?I have a photon 4g and have no issues with the screen!

    1. There are some of us who have good enough eyesight to have issues with pentile screens. If you don’t have any problems with the screen, then it’s better to be oblivious about it. Otherwise, you’d be just as sad/angry as most of us are, and being stressed is bad for your health.

      Sometimes, ignorance is bliss :D

      1. No you don’t. Even when a pentile screen is magnified to 100x the difference is still negligible and all text is perfectly legible. What you guys are is a group of uninformed uneducated people basing your opinions off of the opinions of others. And although you claim to have great eyesight it’s actually a case of the blind leading the blind. How ironic.

        these articles and many more written by industry expert joel pollack who spent 13 years at sharp as their vice president of the Display Products Business Unit. He has over 40 years of experience in the display industry and he knows a hell of a lot more about them than you do.

        1. Before you come and attack me, have you ever considered that I actually used a phone with a pentile screen or not? I am basing my opinion from my time using theHTC Desire as my main phone to replace my milestone.there is a huge difference. I read ebooks on my phone. Readinga 12px on a pentile screen is absolutely unbearable to me. The edges of the text is all colored because of the funky subpixel arrangement. I cannot stand them.

          and you do realize you’re using the official pentile blog to back up your “facts”, right? That’s like quoting apple to prove that the iphone is the best phone ever…. unless you work for them?

          Just because YOU don’t see it, doesn’t mean EVERYONE sees it like you do.

    2. Motorola has loads of 4.2/4.3″ screens the atrix 1 is 4″ and so should this be. What’s the obsession with android phones going bigger . A 4″ phone can be used 1 handed a larger screen is more difficult to type one handed. Was so looking forested to atrix 2 but now not so.

    3. The Pentile screen looks fine except for some things. I switched a Bionic in the store to the “Grass” live walpaper and the pixilation became obvious in the thin blades. (did the same with the Droid 3) My D2G looked much better. someone suggested that the wallpaper was not intended for the bigger screen. I’m not buying that, I think Moto would know to adjust for the bigger sizes of it’s new phones. That said, the I never noticed Pentile at any other time. I was also told that Pentile make’s for much better outdoor viewing. If that is the case, then I think it is a step up in the progression. Most screens are impossible in outdoor sun.

  4. Screen quality is a huge factor for me. Love the Super Amoled on my epic. I know it isnt the highest res screen but it has beautiful colors. Can’t wait to see the rumored 720p display

  5. You know what I care about? My screen not using 2-3 times more juice than anything else. I’m not watching flipping HD movies on my phone I just want it to work I could care less about people sperging out about pixel density.

    1. Wait- so you’re saying you get 2-3 times better battery life than other people with LCD displays?? o.O

      You know, the GS2 with Super AMOLED Plus doesn’t use Pentile and gets AMAZING battery life out of the box…

      1. No, hes saying his display doesn’t use 2-3 more times the battery power his other apps use.

      2. Yeah but would it get amazing battery life if it was an LTE phone?

  6. i’m happy with my Atrix 1. cause it have the nice finger sensory security feature. Didn’t Motorola says they will put the finger swipe feature on future device? Kinda disappointing and yet this one is not LTE or H+

  7. Ummm so whats the point here again? Dont see much of a difference and got confused reading the article than looking at the pics??

  8. Wow. Who gets that close to their phone?

  9. I’ve seen the AMOLED screens and they look amazing but my droid x is great. But I do wear glasses so maybe that has something to do with it lol

  10. These two don’t really look that different. People make way to big of a deal about pentile

    1. Exactly…

  11. so basically the difference between pentile and regular screens is that when u put your eyeball about a millimetre away from the screen… (which im sure most phone users do every single day.lol)…. you can see pixels going diagonally rather than vertically/horizontally :p

    1. There you go and made our debate look childish,stupid and worthless. But yes i even ring a microscope with me fot thos pentile vs ips showdowns…just kidding i have a photon 4G and since i updated to 43.5.6 the pentile screen mesh effect is gone along with better colors, contrast &especially google talk video.

  12. Other than better colors on the amoled displays the viewing angles are much better as well. You don’t get that greyed out look and blacks are much better on amoled displays. Its amazing the difference between my wifes captivate and my atrix. There no comparison as far as which screen is better, the amoled screens are far better in my opinion.

  13. I still prefer Samsung’s screens.

  14. The Pentile doesn’t bug me…so no harm done. I wouldn’t care what screen they put on a phone, but I’m happy with the screen on my Bionic. I’m sure an LCD screen could make it look a little nicer, but with the 4G on, this thing kills battery like Gabriel Iglesias kills tacos, and if it had a normal LCD screen…I can’t even see how bad the battery life would have been.

  15. So instead of a suggestion of a screen door, you get an actual screen door on the Atrix part deux. It’s Motorola’s first quadtile screen.

  16. My DROID X screen is darn nice in my opinion. I actually like it much more than my Fascinates screen.

  17. I want the best display. I’m like a bug attracted to light.

  18. The Pentile screens look a lot better outdoors than super amoled. For folks who dont live in dark caves all day, this is a big plus for the screens motorola is using.

    1. I have yet to see a phone with a better screen than Samsung’s Super Amoled. I own a qHD phone it is no way better than my Nexus S screen was and they are the only screen that really can compete with SAMOLED at the moment

      1. Thats true except in sunlight. If you use your phone outside a lot you will see the pentile screens (though washed out like any screen in sunlight) is easier to read that super amoled. Ive held various models side by side outdoors and this is true in all cases i tested.

        1. The outdoor screen use is often overlooked as to it’s importance.. I am not so concerned about being able to surf or play games outside, but there are some areas where having a readable screen is a must.. GPS, sure you can follow turn by turn voice commands but nicer to have the visuals.. not to mention being on foot in a strange city trying to navigate.. Camera use, that’s a biggie.. it’s horrible to break out your phone to take a pic outdoors and not be able to see the screen that well.. Answering calls and text messages (while not driving).. this one is starting to suck as well, I have this big beautiful (indoors) screen, but all the text is small and very hard to read outdoors.. I love my phone, but my last one (mytouch 3g) with it’s smaller screen was better to use outdoors than my current one.

  19. I’m right there with ya DeWayne. If I’m dropping close to $800 for an off contract phone I want the best screen and the fastest phone possible. I want it to run like a well oiled machine with all if the top notch apps on it. Not a bunch if bloat.

  20. The screen is very important to me. The screen on the galaxy s2 is by far the best I have seen

  21. Motorola NO attix 2 souls be 4″ not 4.3″ what are u doing and please at least.l 1.2 procesor

  22. Nothing can touch the Galaxy S screen right now. Pentile or not…

  23. Love the comments about how if you buy an expensive phone you want “THE BEST” screen available. Well sorry guys, but the “the best” screens are not what you want. The best screens that LG, Samsung, AUO, CMI & all the second tier manufacturers make, are the IPS/PVA/MVA units, but they don’t get the brightness out of them to be very good in sunlight, so the power consumption is too high for them to be used in mobile apps. The vertical aligning technologies look much better than the AMOLED or even the SAMOLED+ displays. I work with LCD’s, as I am an industrial panel distribution manager, and optically these displays are destroying the SAMOLED optical characteristics on every front. The color gamuts are higher, the chromoticity levels are better, in small form factor the contrast ratios in true ambient light situations are going to be better.

    There ARE products that are small form factor, that are high bright, and low power consumption. I have a 4.3″ on my desk that gets 1000+ nits out the front, is IPS, and total power consumption is below 1W, which is what you look for in a phone, but the cost per unit is where the phone would cost $1500+ in order to buy it.

    If Verizon or any other manufacturer could sell a phone for $700 on contract, you MIGHT get “THE BEST” display on the market, but that will never happen in the consumer market.

    Optically, commercial application small size products, that you see in your phones, are never really going to be market leading. There will be market leading for application….meaning the best phone display available, but until the low power high output LED’s come down in cost, we’re not going to see the screens get much better on the LCD front.

    And OLED, until they can determine a much more reliable printing process for the substrates, improvements to viewing quality is going to be incremental, like we’re seeing with the SAMOLED’s, which are good, but not great IMO.

  24. and to comment on the PenTile vs non-PenTile displays, Samsung has actually stated in private forums, that PenTile is going away, as it was just a cheaper manufacturing process that necessitated the PenTile structure. Non-PenTile displays cost more, and were more prone to failure in the pixel operation per panel. Meaning more scrap was produced. I don’t think it was a truly conscious decision by Motorola to go away from PenTile, as it was Samsung trying to stop using the process all together.

    What I’m more interested in seeing, as a display guy, is Sony’s new RGBW technology displays. The subpixel structure should allow for more brightness, but I’m curious as to what this does to contrast ratios. If Sony has perfected the technology, lower power high bright small form factor LCD’s could definitely be seen in MANY more phones and commercial applications in the very near future.

  25. I am very happy with my Bionic screen. I travel alot and its clarity in sunlight is a big plus. The amoled has deeper blacks but that is not a big deal to me. The Bionic screen was a huge improvement over my OG Droid.

  26. Your comparing older pentile screens to newer one eith updated drivers, we all know thatvdeiver improve the oerformance of the hardware and the smae goes for the way a pentile screen renders its subpixels. For example im two updates ahead of the OTA’s from the sprint update and the drivers for there pentile screen is so good you wont remeber its pentile along with the color. ,the contrast & especially the shading and blending of colors. I even have gtalk video which works perfect. Well all in all those screen mesh patterns that were there torturing me are no more, the gradients are perfected to the point where its as good ss any otherand since the screen works on the subpixel level the colors are more amazing than or just as good as my galacy plus without the pentile flaws. And ues it means what it sounds like, best buy the proof.

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