Keyboard Fixer Update Now Rolling Out For The Motorola Droid X

A new software update has begun rolling out for the Droix X. Build number 4.5.605 otherwise known as “the keyboard fixer update” should address a lot of the issues Droid X users have been reporting while using the virtual keyboard on the device. Things like freezes, random reboots have been plaguing the device so this 116MB update should come as a welcome fix. If you haven’t been prompted, feel free to pull the update by jumping into your Settings > Settings > About phone > System updates. Good luck!

[Via Droid-Life]


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  • ZeoVGM

    Oh good, only 4 months after this became an issue for people. Thanks for the speedy work, Motorola.

  • droid.

    no update here.

  • jdl13

    My guess is that the hard key super-brightness is still not fixed… still.

    No update here either.

  • Mikey L

    no update

  • kjschaaf

    No update available for me, either.

  • jakewd

    i went to do the update and it said that i dont have a have a update ready.

    has anyone got the update yet?

  • Aquamadman

    Got, it seems a little smoother but I will reserve judgement for now.

  • Jared

    I get the update but it never goes thru, always fails. I I’ve been having the problem for a couple weeks.

  • insomniacinc

    got the update.. I wonder why moto didn’t use this opportunity to update the preloaded swype. you know the one you cant update without rooting.

  • Kraig

    I downloaded and installed the update. Reboots and after a few minutes I get the prompt to download and update again. It’s not taking the update for some reason.

  • kjschaaf

    So much for fixing the random reboot problem. I installed the update this morning, and my phone just randomly rebooted itself. Outstanding!

  • Kevin

    I got an update today too for my droid 2 global.