Asus Eee Pad Slider Now Available From Newegg

A few days ago we told you about Amazon offering up Asus’ new tablet/hybrid Eee Pad Slider for pre-order but then they yanked the page down. Well, now you can officially buy your own Slider from The online retailer has listed the 16GB version of the QWERTY tablet for $480 and 32GB version for $580. Oh- and don’t forget you also get free 2-day shipping with your order. Anyone thinking about picking one of these up?

Thanks, Mitch!

[Via Newegg]

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  • 84guy

    i want one but my wife would kill me if i got that instead of a new mattress :(

    • Chris Chavez


    • The_ATL_Guy


    • Zomby2D

      At least you’d have something to play with while sleeping on the couch. ;)

      • 84guy

        i have the best wife because if she’s mad at me she’ll sleep on the couch

  • http://phandroid deh2002

    My question is why when quad core tablets are right around the corner?

    • Jeroen Heijster

      Well, same here. I want a tablet but I will wait for the next generation.

  • SoreThumb

    I used to want one, but then I found out they had a proprietary charging connector.. If I wanted that, I could just get an Apple.