Keep Your Soon-to-be-EOL HTC EVO 4G Alive With These Custom ROMs and Kernels [Forum Talk]

So the EVO 4G is obviously heading toward its end-of-life, what with its dual-core 3D-touting younger brother coming into the fold and all. While future updates from Sprint may soon slow to a crawl, you can always count on the root community to deliver exciting new goods for you to flash (that’s if you’re rooted, of course) much further into your two year cycle.

If you ever find yourself needing a change of pace or want to root your phone for the first time and need somewhere to start, consider this awesome list compiled by member stevecha. The whole community’s contributing, too, so if you like a ROM and don’t see it listed, don’t be afraid to drop a note in that thread. Go have a look and see if you can’t come out satisfied. []

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  • toomuchgame441

    having had my Evo rooted for so long I don’t even think about getting a new device

  • Justin King

    Still the greatest phone you can get on the market today … it has the the golden ratio of features that have _all_ become must haves leaving you to want not from anything else, one of the if not the largest dev community out there, and while yeah it’s only single core … has dual core mattered at all so far?

    I’m holding onto this phone until the prime at least … because so far nothing has managed to slow this baby down.

    • bluevoodo

      i feel the same way, love my evo!!!!! Long Live the EVO 4G

  • Spencer Mead

    Had the phone for almost a year, and while other phones look great, the Evo is still awesome, and will easily last me until my 2yrs is up. Not even OC’ed :)

  • D

    I loved my evo but the battery life was terrible

  • John Alvarez

    I recently installed CyanogenMod 7 on my EVO and it is better than ever. I even prefer it to my Nexus S. I may decide on my next phone purchase according to whether or not there is a version of CyanogenMod available for it.

  • Rouel

    This phone wont be EOL until the EVO 3 comes out

  • Munee

    I’ve had my evo for 3 months and i’m living the miui ROM. But the internal memory sucks. That’s the only problem

  • guy