Sharp Cuts Back Galapagos Tablet Line, Will Continue to Sell 7-Inch Only


Sharp is putting all of their eggs in a 7-inch basket as low sales have resulted in the discontinuation of their 5.5-inch and 10.8-inch Galapagos tablets. Two of three Galapagos models, the tablets were introduced to Japan last December and followed by a 7-inch Honeycomb slate last month. Sharp today confirmed that it would cease taking orders for the two older models on September 30th.

Sharp is struggling to move tablets in light of the Apple iPad’s market dominance, a scenario not uncommon to manufacturers of Android-based slates around the globe. Still, the company hopes to bring their 7-inch device to new markets, including the United States. It could launch on American shores by the end of the year.

[via TechCrunch]

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