Samsung Infuse 4G Receives Maintenance Update, Still No Gingerbread

Though owners of the Samsung Infuse 4G are itching for the promised Android 2.3 update for their AT&T handsets, a maintenance release has been pushed to the smartphone. The 14.5MB file provides bug fixes primarily, though it likely also comes to make the necessary preparations for the move from Froyo to Gingerbread. That is supposed to happen sometime this month, though the exact timing isn’t quite known.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  • Keith Thibodeaux

    It was supposed to happen last month! lol. Typical Samsung/ATT promises. And my old Captivate is still on Froyo. GB upgrade was promised for that last month as well.

  • Refugio Morelos

    it gave us Google books as well

  • BigCiX

    Infuse is just a big captivate. I remember waiting on froyo forever. Reason why I pass on Samsung products.

  • solohendo77

    it said to me that it didnt finish. is it because mine is rooted

    • ReverseRoxas

      Most likely, if your rooted you never do any maintenance packages, you keep your phone as is and flash the ROM for the update, Simple as that.

      • solohendo77

        thanks for the reply. Is there a stable rom out there, that won’t eat up my batt.?

  • solohendo77

    rebooted and installed but then says that. does anyone know y

  • BrandoHD

    It’s ATT’s fault, and soon the T-Mobile customers would be in this position

    • Lance Young

      Tmobile customers are already in this position. Us Vibrant/Galaxy S 4G customers are waiting for some Bread as well!!!

  • solohendo77

    can anyone help?

  • Sebastian Mejia

    That’s why apple has been fucking up Samsung.

  • Jdeezy30

    You all are dumbasses….. Ever think about the continuum and fascinate on Verizon? Yeah, good luck getting updated on those…… Not to mention the vibrant on tmo didn’t get froyo so well. So basically stop talking shit about ATT and switch carriers if your your gonna bitch about it…..

  • Half shell

    Vibrant does hav froyo jdummy

  • Jdeezy30

    Half brain, the froyo update was messed up when it came out homie, maybe if if you could understand English language you would understand I said it go so well…. Half brain…

  • ryan

    Too bad atat and samsung are assholes and wanna fuck around with gingerbread….gimme it