Sony Walkman Z Officially Announced for Japan

Sony wants the Walkman brand to make a comeback and will aim to make that happen with Android at the helm. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen and heard of the device (Sony Ericsson made quick mention of it at IFA in Berlin earlier this month) it is the first time we’ve gotten concrete details and pricing/availability information.

We’re apparently getting three different configurations with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB for 28,000 yen, 33,000 yen and 43,000 yen, respectively. It’s a 4.3 inch WVGA device with a 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor, Android 2.3, microHDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth, DLNA and an FM Radio alongside Sony Ericsson’s smattering of music apps to make this an ultimate multimedia device.

I must say – I certainly wouldn’t mind carrying one of these around. The nostalgia alone would be enough to justify the cost of admission but a PMP device this powerful is something many of us have been waiting for (only Samsung previously offered a respectable model). Unfortunately there’s no word on when this will make its way to other regions but we’re hoping it’ll be here in time for our friends at the North Pole. [Sony, Press Release (Japanese) via TIMN]

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  • Dr. Fill

    I am looking forward to getting one of these.

  • SuperMuna

    amazing how this walkman has better specs than any Sony Ericsson phone.

  • YankeeDudeL

    I had two SE Walkman phones and another SE phone that had the same capability without the Walkman branding. These were excellent phones that I absolutely loved. When they make it over to the States, I’ll def be giving them a look, if for no other reason that the nostalgia alone, as Mr. Kennemer so accurately stated.

  • tjeffer

    I don’t get it. Who the hell buys mp3 players any more?

    Apple has been phasing out their ipod line for years now. Why would Sony pump money into developing a product for a shrinking market segment? Are these things going to be phones too?

  • Spencer Mead

    To me, dedicated mp3 players are all about portability and battery life. Two things my Evo 4G lacks. So I have an iPod shuffle, and an iPod touch (with extended battery). Why would I want an mp3 player with a massive screen, and Tegra2 cpu to drain all the battery?

  • Aaron

    It’s all about market share. The more different products available the more they can make. We don’t really need tablets but they are pretty cool.