Verizon Leak: HTC Vigor To Be Rebranded as The Thunderbolt 2? Samsung Prime to Replace DROID Charge? [Rumor]

Turns out the beastly spec’d HTC Vigor on its way to Verizon could be the officially named Thunderbolt 2. Thanks, to our friend Mannequins from our very own Android Forums, he was able to get snag a quick pic of a handout given to him by a Verizon rep while working his shift at Best Buy Mobile. The Thunderbolt was only released a few months ago in March but things move fast in the mobile world – real fast. While this is by no means “official” (check out the spelling), it does give us a better idea of what the HTC Vigor’s Verizon branded name could be when it launches in a few more weeks.

Oh, and as I’m sure you’ve no doubt noticed, this handout also lists the “Sam Prime” as replacing the DROID Charge. Was this rep going off of inside info he was given by his superiors? Or maybe he’s an avid Phandroid reader and is going off of rumors. Once again — grain of salt, people.

[Via AndroidForums]

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  • jimmyk0789

    What about the Sam prime replacing the charge ;) I wana here about tgat

  • phoenix_fire

    this could so easily be faked

    • Chris Chavez

      I mean, a lot of stuff could easily be faked. Just about every single bit of news or rumors we report on. I do know — for a fact — that this came from a Verizon rep who typed this handout up. I don’t know what else to tell ya.. lol

  • flashfast2000

    I just bought the Thunderbolt! Now its the older model already!! (winking smiley face)

    • chris125

      Well that is your fault for buying this when rumors have said the vigor will come out in oct.

      • flashfast2000

        Sorry I don’t hear EVERY rumor in Rumorland.

        • chris125

          Well seeing how it passed through the fcc that pretty much sums it up. A simple google search would have found that=)

          • flashfast2000

            Good thing the really smart people like you are out there to save us idiots from ourselves. From now on I will religiously check on every FCC ruling with Google searches every hour. God Bless You!

          • chris125

            Nobody said every hour. Don’t cry when you buy something about to be replaced because you failed to see what is out and what is coming out

          • Michael Taylor

            Or you could just read this site. Or you could just google before you get ready to buy a phone. But I personally think you should check on every FCC ruling every hour.

          • Greg

            If it was within 30 days you can return it…. also if you buy your phone from costco, you get 90 days to return it and you can be protected of something much better comes out within 3 months of your purchase.

      • Del373

        …flash was joking.

  • JH

    The Thunderbolt was only released a few months ago in March but things move fast in the mobile world – real fast. Faster than the Thunderdolt battery can discharge?

    • Chris Chavez

      Faster than a Thunderbolt streaming pr0n, while listening to music and making a phone call. o_O

    • Jordan Pfingsten

      Yet…My phone just lasted 21 hours on the standard battery…

      • user311

        Lol, was it off? :)

  • W!LL

    SAM PRIME!!!!!! Samsung Prime? that looks interesting

  • chris125

    Well this is what the leaked roadmap from awhile back said. I put a little more faith in that than with this.

  • Seemo

    The most interesting thing on the page isn’t even the TB2.

    Sam Prime replacing the Charge? I really hope this phone doesn’t end up being some Touch-wizified device.

    • allday28

      I actually like the new touchwiz better than stock Android. I think stock is kind of bland snd boring looking..

  • e b

    LOL Love me some Ghostbusters!

  • EnderXeno

    Am I the only one that noticed the character on Ghosbusters 2 is Vigo..not Vigor?

    • Michael Taylor

      You are but the buzzing of fly’s to Vigo!!!

  • flashfast2000

    Thank you Chris125! I’m a changed man! I will never cry about an outdated mobile phone again, you have my promise. PS: I fully realize that most mobile phones are ‘outdated’ after about six months of sales. PS2: My initial comment in this wonderful conversation was made in jest as I am aware that mobile phone models come and go so fast. Learn to smile man!

    • Dario Sucic

      The Galaxy S is still one of the better android phones, and it is about 1 year old.

      • flashfast2000

        I wish there were many more exceptions like the Galaxy S. I’ll have to check it out.

  • flashfast2000

    Probably not!

  • Scott Myers

    og RAM is the best kind of RAM. ;-)

    • Scott Myers

      bleh. tabs took me to wrong article. Hence, my above comment will only serve to confuse.

  • bob

    I call BULLSHIT! I could have made this same document in 3 minutes flat with all the information we THINK we have already. I think he just wanted to start a new rumor cause he was bored…

    • Chris Chavez

      The guy wanted to remain anonymous and went out of his way to keep the Verizon rep anonymous. Don’t think he was looking for attention?

      Either way, I can make ANY of the “leaked” Verizon/Samsung/anything roadmaps in 3 minutes flat using Excel.

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        Who the F types things any more??

  • Marlon Millhouse

    Interesting how Stratosphere is typo’d in the doc..

  • droid.

    I call shenanigans! Anyone with a word processor could type up a document like this.

  • CalypsoArt

    Will it be Global? I’m waiting for a dual-core, LTE, larger screen phone to arrive before I’ll let got my D2G.