Pre-Order the Samsung Epic 4G Touch at Walmart for $99

The launch Samsung Epic 4G Touch on is only a week away, but you still have time to pre-order to be among the first in the United States to own a Galaxy S II handset. OK, so maybe the residents of Alaska got first dibs, but you could still be the first in your neighborhood. A deal is to be had if you choose to do business with Walmart. The big box retailer has the phone up for reservation for the low price of $99.99. Check it out at the source link below.

[via Walmart | Thanks, boondoc & N6EAJ!]

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  • Kevin Boyd

    Does anyone know if we are able to buy a phone from Wal-Mart and then purchase either Best Buy’s protection or Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection for it?

    Edit: Also the $99 is only applicable for a new contract. 2 year contract renewals “only” bring the price down to $154.99

    • Boondoc

      best buy will price match. and you’ll probably be able to get it for the new contract price if they don’t look TOO closely at it

      • Tommy Thompson

        If Bestbuy will at least price match the 154 price I will be happy. I plan on buying the buyback program, so it would be like getting that for free.

        • Kyle Auwarter

          Best Buy doesn’t match online prices. So unless this is being sold in the actual store too, they aren’t going to match it…

      • Bren Bagnall

        They will still charge tax though right? Best Buy that is. So you are looking at 30 bucks or more extra

        • Boondoc

          you must live in one of those crazy states that charge sales tax based on the retail cost of the phone. I’m in GA, we only get taxed on the subsidized amount we’re paying.

    • Thunder18

      You can do Sprint’s TEP within 30 days of purchase if i’m not mistaken. Best Buy won’t warranty it unless you buy it from them though.

    • ClayRogers

      Best buys plan is terrible, sprint TEP is the way to go. I had problems with my Evo 3D and they were able to repair it on the spot for free since I had TEP. They actually couldn’t repair it so the just gave me a new one and no deductible. Best Buy I would of been waiting weeks.

      • ClayRogers

        To answer your question, yes you can add TEP. They should be able to do it walmart even.

  • Boondoc


  • zedknay

    Are there any readers here from Alaska?

  • Kyle Nelson

    Anyone think that Sprint will drop their price to at least 154 because of this?

    • Tommy Thompson


  • Saleenfiend

    I suppose this is for new lines?

  • Edgar Gurrola

    i preordered it from wirefly for $119.99 just for upgrading my line

    • Bren Bagnall

      How? It says 150 still for the upgrade…do explain

  • SuperTomcat

    Sprint stores are preordering it for $50 but the total price is $199… I think I will move to Walmart…

    • Bren

      careful there is taxes to consider with walmart depending on your state

  • tena

    Got mine online for 119.99, got a second line

  • Radzik18

    Anyone know if I should pre order if I’m planning to return my Photon within 30 days?

    • ClayRogers

      I don’t think the system will allow it since you don’t have an upgrde available.

  • BigCiX

    pretty good for a highly anticipated phone that will have it’s shine for about 2 months

  • bmg314

    I tried to add a line to my individual account, and at checkout it said $209.00. Where is the 99, or 119?