Motorola DROID Bionic Deals

While some retailers will surely go much lower on DROID Bionic prices in the future, there are a number of great deals out there that will help make purchasing this device a little bit easier. Yes, $200 for a 4G LTE phone is a deal, unfortunately, as the top of the crop like the DROID Bionic seem to be debuting at $250 or $300 on Verizon.

A number of day one deals have been posted, however. Options include Wal-Mart for $200 (can’t find this online but should be available in store), Amazon for $180 and Wirefly for $250. If any of you happen to come across any more deals, be sure to let everyone know below! [Thanks Jay and everyone!]

[Update]: We’re hearing LetsTalk also has the Bionic for $160 when using promo code “take20back”. Anyone wanna confirm that for us? [Thanks Danny!]

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  • Bryan schultze

    I got mine from Costco for 279.99. It came with a case, car charger,screen protector, extra battery and battery dock, standard dock, and car mount. Plus they only charged tax on the 279.99. Came to 303. Best deal around

    • PeterKay

      Will Costco let you keep your old unlimited data plan?

      • jfelts

        I called them and they said you will definitely keep your unlimited plan.

        • Bryan schultze

          Yes I kept my unlimited plan. You cant beat Costco

      • jacob

        Yes, they let you keep the unlimited. mine was kept on there. and they were able to switch my upgrades too. it was fairly an easy transaction and the phone is amazing. the accessories were all good as well. though there were some pieces i had no idea what to do with them since they really didnt come with much instructions… but i just threw them all together and have them sitting in the baggy they give you lol

    • Fausts_lament

      On my way to pick that up in about 2 hours — it is quite a deal indeed!

      quick question, the standard dock doesn’t have an hdmi ouput on it, does it?

      • jfelts

        That is the exact difference from the standard dock versus the hd dock. HD has the HDMI. It also costs $50 more than the standard dock.

  • William Hirsch

    What I’m hoping for (not that I think it will happen) is a place with a lower-than-msrp price off-contract.

    • schitzengigles10

      Maybe you’ll find a pot of gold and a leprechaun at the end of that rainbow too.

  • Hopeisfleeting
  • Justin Glass

    I upgraded from the Thunderbolt and was expecting to pay full retail, but they knocked $300 off. They did extend my contract by a few months.

    • mikeym0p

      My how many months exactly?

      • Justin Glass

        I had only been in my current contract for about 4 months, so I had to agree to the 2 year contract.


      Wow…nice to have that kind of disposable income….
      Thunderbolt was a mid March release and less than 6 months later another top of the line phone…
      At a minimum $130 a month to VZ and approx. $500 for the 2 phones your going to come in at about $2,000 this year for your phone.
      (No wonder VZ stock can pay 6% a year)
      Although I suppose you needed to do so…everyone i know who has the Thunderbolt was dissatisfied from the get-go…and is looking at any option to move on
      (especially the battery and I recall HTC pushing back the release a couple of months, followed by numerous updates….that puppy was a dog)

      • Mike French

        How nice of you to calculate his finances for him.

      • Tom The Nerf Herder

        How does $130 a month come in to it?

        And he can EBay the Thunderbolt… he’ll probably end up spending $100 or so on the upgrade, after all’s said and done.

        • Joe

          YeaH, $130 a month makes no sense.

  • Hopeisfleeting

    Something to remember when hunting for these deals though, is if you cancel early not only is Verizon going to bend you over with their ETF but Amazon or whomever is going to be next in line with theirs.

  • http://Phandroid El Frank

    Costco has the beast deal… They give you a spare battery with cradle battery charger, car dock, desk dock, case, screen protector, and car charger for $279. 99 in store price no rebates :)

  • Tom The Nerf Herder

    I actually ordered the Bionic first thing yesterday morning, and the price went DOWN by $20 after I ordered. I got an e-mail late in the day from Amazon, telling me that they adjusted my price and will be charging me the new, lower price.


    Oh, and kudos to Motorola for recognizing that people need a spare battery and charger. That’s a wonderful addition.

  • Fausts_lament

    Slightly OT: Did anyone try to watch last night’s Saints/Packers game using their NFL Moblie app on the Bionic? If so, did the HDMI mirroring work, or did Verizon manage to block that for football games?

  • Darktanone

    Heard that sales are lackluster so far.

  • Raven Daegmorgan

    Just tried out the Letstalk deal and picked up my phone for $175, not $160 as advertised above since mine was an upgrade instead of a new line — but I’m not complaining.

  • Daris

    Justin, from the sound of your post it sounds like were able to renew within your contract with incurring a penalty……… If that’s the case can you tell me where U got such a deal.

  • Myrtlegirl2

    I was in Radio Shack over the weekend and they are giving $100 instant credit and then Verizon matches that with a mail in rebate. Their price for the phone is $299 so that would bring it down to $100.