CyanogenMod Team Brings Stock Android Experience To Sensation and Evo 3D


If you’ve been praying and wishing that someone, somewhere would magically transform your Sensified HTC Sensation or Evo 3D into some good ‘ol plain, stock vanilla Android, well — your time is coming. Mr. Kmobs informed everyone via Twitter today that the CyanogenMod Team has been making good progress on the CM7 ROM build for the Sensation and Evo 3D and may have an alpha release build as early as tomorrow.

We’ve seen our share of teaser videos from the CM group for weeks now and it’s nice to know we wont have to wait much longer to see how (slightly modified) stock Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread runs on these 2 devices. Oh- and if you’re curious to see how 1080p video is coming along on the Sensation running CM7 check out the video below.

[Via Twitter]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I might just have to root my Evo3D for this. Awesome news!

  2. I am really REALLY wanting Stock Android on my Sensation, really dislike Sense now. Funny I used to like Sense, now it just seems to get in the wayy.

    1. I’m still happily unrooted. Will wait until a stable release of CM7 or MIUI =p

      1. oh definitely I’m going to wait until its 100% stable of course, if its not whats the point right?

        1. Helping devs find all the bugs ^_^

  3. I am so F’ing stoked for CM on my Evo3D

  4. I got out of bed because of this post, to find out its coming, misleading title :(

    Fantastic news though! I can’t wait.

    1. “….. this weekend” LOL Sorry! xD

  5. I can’t wait til its stable but Cleanrom is pretty awesome too. Guess I’ll be flashing back & forth.

    1. why flash back and forth when you can use a badass app like boot manager, and just boot between!

  6. Finally! Sense feels so bloated! My nexus one with CM7 felt so fast and smooth, can’t wait to see what the power of the sensation can do with CM.

  7. Just left the XDA website thinking I would get it early. Didn’t read the article. Thank God they are working on the Sensation. Almost went back to my Nexus One.

  8. Yes, I am ready but I’m so into what sense does to me…

  9. I got so excited when I read the title lol only to realize I already saw this a couple hours ago. Its cool though, currently running xboarder aosp/cm7 rc2. Its awesome, but camera and video playback is broken… fast as hell though. ;)

  10. There is already an aosp rom out, hyperlite. it has everything up except camera and video as well. I’ve been running it for the last 24 hours and it’s great.

  11. Yeah, calling CM7 “stock” Android is like calling a Cadillac “just another car”.

  12. Will CM still have the 3D functionality?
    When there is a stable ROM eventually, will it most likely work with the European version as well or will that be a separate ROM as well?

  13. Yay… -_-

  14. Put cm7 on the epic

  15. Thats the greater one info by you man

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