Apple Files Another Suit Against Samsung, This Time in Japan


Apple, it seems, won’t be happy until it has systematically wiped Samsung’s Android efforts from the face of the earth. As part of the company’s continuing proxy war against Google yet another lawsuit has been filed, this time in Japan, with the intention to halt sales of the patent-infringing Galaxy S in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Cupertino-based smartphone maker also seeks to recover damages to the tune of  ¥100 million (~$1.3 million).

The court room dramatics are already underway as of Wednesday, though neither company has commented on this most recent case of alleged intellectual property theft. The exact patents in question are not clear at this time.

[via Engadget]

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Android Overload: Patents, Lawsuits and Trials – Oh My!

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  1. I wonder why Apple is taking too long to release the iPhone 5. They simply can’t make better product than Samsung ones.

    1. Thats exactly it, we know what the iPhone will be : iPhone 4 with A5 processor & slightly larger screen, basically nothing special. This changes Nothing. Again.

      With the fantastic galaxy range we have all that and more already at a lower price, and these are 6 months old already. We also have HTC, LG etc all churning out phones that are better than the iPhone 5 can be.

      So what can they do.. litigate.. on rounded corners and flat back devices. or here’s another one .. slide to unlock … that’s ones straight out the crapper, every bathroom door has slide to unlock.

      I’m fed up with it, the consumer wins with competition, we get lower prices and better products. These patent wars and litigation only serve the to stifle product development and increase company profits at our expense.

      1. lol…… point well made….love the bathroom door comment…… give it up Apple…u can’t rule the world….go sammy……i think gogorola and sammy should come up with a phone…and call it Peach 5…

    2. After this long of a wait, do you think apple is going to release a subpar product? I won’t want one, but the new iphone is going to come with an amazing camera, a stupidly fast processor and graphics, a great screen and a very smooth UX. Its going to be thin and very well built. If its taking this long, its going to have some kind of alien technology that took this long to be production ready. I don’t agree with most of their design choices, but I have to admit, they don’t fuck around.

      1. Alien tech? Really? Somebody needs to either get out more or stay off the smack. Apple is just doing what apple does best. They are only releasing their phone late because they decided to put a dual core chip in it, which of course was top of the line 6 months ago. It would be unlike them to release anything cutting edge so they decided to wait on it….

        And regarding the build quality comment. Did you suppress your memory of last year’s launch? If you regard apple’s build quality as spectacular then every other phone manufacturer must be just god damn godly. Cause fuck, their phones actually work as phone when you hold them, and they don’t get released with yellow dots all over the screen. And yes, it takes an extra year to make it white… Build quality, working as intended, ok terrific.

        And yes, apple doesn’t fuck around. They just lie… You’re holding it wrong, more bars in more places and the recent suits against Samsung come to mind. I am just surprised you left out the word magical in your praise to apple, I always thought it was a necessity when jerking off to their products. You could have easily fit it here; “stupidly fast processor and “MAGICAL” graphics.” Now, doesn’t that make you just want to run out and buy it?

        1. I think it is safe to say that just about every handset has problems with it when released. If you want to argue against that then provide a ‘popular’ make/model and we’ll check what its problems were when it was released.

          Steve’s comments were silly but to err is human. The iPhone is part of a vibrant industry which has contributed greatly to what modern smartphones look like and how they work. The industry contnues to evolve but only a few companies seem to be doing most the heavy lifting of R&D.

        2. When I say ‘Alien tech’ I mean things like capacitive touch and flash storage. Things that the entire industry doesn’t see coming until they are cockslapped with them in a keynote. Say what you will about their lack of cutting edge tech, but for the last 2 years, its taken until the nexus phone for someone to release something that was definitely better than the current iphone.
          The marketing is awful, condescending. and over the top. with awful grammar. always. It always has been. always will.

          Yes, the radio is a pile of shit. I use an Atrix because I really like using my phone as a phone (among other reasons). I said build quality, not engineering and design quality. Don’t pretend that you didn’t look twice at the isteel and iglass. The tolerances and consistency are top notch.

          I will probably never buy anything from apple, I don’t like shiny, and I dislike the insistence on making every icon look like candy, but when my friends show up at school with a new ipad, iphone or macbook, I don’t hesitate to ask to check it out.

      2. I get the feeling that Apple don’t chase features so if that is what people are expecting then they will be disapointed. Apple is more about polish and stability over features – that is why they take so long to release a product, their QA takes so long. Their brand is built around usability, stability and polish.

        If you look at their history, their iterations of their products are generally slow but steady. It is only when they surprise the market such as their MacOS and iPad that they are able to make an initial big splash…but after that it is just an iterative process.

      3. @Alan iPhone is a great phone. No doubt about it. But, while Apple is upgrading the IPhone annually, Android devices are being upgraded almost monthly by the main Android smartphone manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc). In my opinion, iPhone will be in trouble if they keep that pace. The consumers are expecting more and more because they are being “spoiled” with great and newer Android devices. I am sure that iPhone 5 was delayed because of the strong competition (Android) and even iPhone 5 was delayed I am sure that it won’t be that innovative. Just to give an example, when iOS 5 was released, the scrolling down notification bar was the main feature of the OS. Every iPhone fans loved it while the Android fans were enjoying that feature for long time.

    3. I don’t know if they have anything left. I think they’re trying to ride this one out as far as it will go. They made a smart move being the first in the mobile market and they make a good product.

      Yet, just like in PC sales, Apple remains in second place when it comes to mobile market share. Funny too.

      And with Jobs out, who does Apple have left?

  2. Apple is scared of Android’s increasing popularity and so it is just trying to find ways to beat it.

  3. I hope Google never becomes douche bags like Apple.

    1. I just wish these douche bags would finally learn a lesson. Grow up Apple, stop acting like you’re run by children.

      1. Yeah they should really be ashamed of themselves. They used to be so proud.

        Oh how the mighty have fallen.

        Honestly Apple needs to figure out that there is enough room for them, Android and even WP7. The Apple fanboys keep saying Apple does not care if Android has more market share but not from what I can tell.

        1. You’re first two sentences applies not only to apple but also America

          1. F you buddy

            F you

          2. haha thanks! I’m from the US. If you haven’t noticed we are like #40 in almost everything compared to other countries around the world.

            Remember when the US used to get all the sweet products before it released anywhere else? Now we are last. That should tell us something

          3. @babadush Thankfully not with Android products.

        2. Apple is behaving exactly as they always have. Nothing has changed.

          1. Correct. The media is just more efficient at getting the word out.

          2. Exactly, but this time they had a much larger market share than they probably anticipated, so now the world knows about all their crap. Don’t worry, it will be Microsoft all over again. I can’t wait until Google has to bail them out to keep them around, like Microsoft had to do for them back in the day.

          3. I think this is why Apple is being more aggresive than back in the 1990’s. Microsoft commoditised many of Apple’s innovations and Apple almost went broke. Reading the OS wars between Micorosoft, IBM and Apple it is easier to understand why they are not wanting a repeat of those days.
            If history repeats itself then Apple will go thru hard times but survivie, Google will dominate the market at the expense of every other mobile OS and eventually start to abuse its power (similar to MS with its OS stranglehold) and a new generation will look to a white knight to save them from Google (a Linux equivalent). This is one reason many in the OSS community are putting time into Meego.

  4. Rotten to the core Apple…. BITE ME!!!!

  5. Theres gotta be a way to boycott apple products as a consumer. I can bet any money most of the iherd don’t know about the lawsuits. But as a knowing consumer, from here on out, I will never buy another apple product. Once my mac dies im cutting all ties coz honestly this is BS! N its a shame really because I like what it has to offer, but no way am I gonna continue to fund their crap. If I don’t have a choice when it comes to products, then whats the point? If ieffincrap becomes the only electronics of choice then ill simply go without……never thought Id ever hate apple so damn much!

    1. There is a way to boycott them. Don’t buy anything from them.

      Back in the 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s, I never thought I could love Apple so much.

      Now I hate them as much, maybe even more now, than I hate Microsoft.

      Google: partner with everyone, sue no one.
      Apple: partner with no one, sue everyone.

      1. The only difference between Apple then and Apple now, is that you can finally see through their shenanigans.

        1. They may have had some shenanigans back in the 1980’s and early 90’s. But also Apple was a great company back then. The list of Apple innovations and firsts was so long it was embarrassing. Somewhere in the mid 1990’s, Apple lost their way and I lost interest in them.

          1. As a Commodore and Amiga user, I doubt I would see that long list as being as accurate as you perceive it.

  6. Have decided that I won’t buy anything else from Apple or Microsoft until they stop this silly patent war. Protecting one’s patents is OK (and even necessary), but they’ve gone well beyond reasonable into an all out war. Am thinking they don’t realize how much bad will they are creating in the buying public.

    Until Apple and MicroSoft back off their patent war against Android, I’m refusing to spend another dollar on any of their products or services. As a guy who holds a number of patents, several of them in wireless, I understand their need to protect their IP. But as a previous poster said, this is not about protecting their IP, but rather about protecting their sales. Competition should determine winners and losers in the market place, not the courts!!

  7. I was mad when all this first started. Now it’s just annoying

  8. This isn’t a proxy war against google. This is apple trying to get samsung to stop kanging the iphone. I want them to win. In europe when they won the suit about the photo gallery, it didn’t stop samsung from selling galaxy devices, it made them remake the gallery to be a less blatant kang of the iphone gallery. This is good. I want apple to win these suits. They’ll never stop samsung or even android, they’ll just force lazy companies to get off their asses and innovate instead of copying. I hope apple wins all of these suits. I have an android because I want something different than an iphone, not a cheap chinese copy. Sue on apple, sue on.

    1. so you want samsung to stop copying the iphone? what if LG were to sue apple for copying the Prada? how would you feel about that? would you defend apple? all apple is doing is suing people for doing the exact same thing they did. Apple is a company in thoughtless engineers who copy and steal ideas from others and use them as their own. most companies leave it be as they understand it’s business. apple ignited the lawsuit wars, and i hope to see the iphone come crashing down. i know it won’t happen, but apple won’t get the easy money they are looking for!

      1. I’ve never seen the Lg Prada, but if apple is copying them on it, I’d love to see that shit stopped. There is a difference though, I’ve never seen the prada, it wasn’t successful, apple isn’t trying to cash in on the popularity of the prada. Have a look at these ads for the galaxy S and tell me samsung isn’t trying to cash in on the style and look of the iphone.




        I spent a month travelling in europe last summer and never once saw an ad depicting the homescreen, always the app drawer. Theres magnetic overscrolling in lists, the sidescrolling app drawer, the checkerboard in the browser, the photo gallery, that damn home button – all of it is meant to emulate/kang the iphone. Samsung isn’t innovating, they’re putting a lot of energy into copying. Its a great copy, but why?
        I wish apple wasn’t relevant, I can’t stand the iphone or its fans. I really hate hearing that I *must* have an android because I can’t afford an iphone or can’t get it on my carrier (I can on both counts btw). But samsung is only extending the life of “It’s like an iphone but cheaper” and adding legitimacy to apple by copying them.

        1. And really, do you want them to *keep* copying apple or stop? Samsung has done some amazing things with mobile displays and chips. Theres also some neat ideas buried in touchwizz like that tilt zooming thing. Imagine if samsung lost all these suits and had to completely redesign their hardware and software. Would that really be so bad?

    2. Wait…. Apple goes to Europe screaming that Samsung “blatantly” copied from them in design and some software. The only thing they get is a bounce back thing from a photo gallery… and you think that’s winning?

      Did you also miss the part of the judge saying that since, Apple’s designs are so minimalist, that it would be nearly impossible for them to try to defend their patents? Form following function and all.

      No wonder Apple’s making so much money. You guys are willing to accept anything.

      I mean, if Apple is willing to waste its money, fine by me.

  9. … the problem for apple is the AMOLED screen, maybe apple wanted them but samsung could not / won’t gave them to apple … so apple is sueing different now …

  10. Kim Jong Il is actually on the board of Apple. It explains why Apple is so evil.

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