Sony Tablet S 16GB and 32GB Now Available For Pre-order Via Sony Store

Sony’s beautifully designed Tablet S is now available for pre-order via the Sony online store. The Sony Tablet S 16GB is expected to ship “on or about September 16th” and will run you $500, while the 32GB will set you back $600. The Tablet S features a 9.4 display, universal IR remote, Sony Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and Sony’s PS Certified games.

If the dual-screened Sony Tablet P was more your style, you may have to wait a little bit longer seeing how no pricing or expected launch date was given. So many Android tablets being released these days. Anyone picking one of these up?

[Via Sony]

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  • NightAngel79

    Intriguing to say the least. Want to get one in my hands before i decide if this is any good though. This is NOT a tablet I would pre-order

  • TheCaprican

    Meh, pass.

  • Joy Coleman

    I won’t pre-order, I want a hands on. The tablets keep coming the prices don’t change, some are very intriguing like sony yet I don’t know if I will buy another one, especially at that price..

  • Immolate

    With so many $400 10.1 tablets in the fattie category, it’s refreshing to see another manufacturer jump in with a similar product at $500.