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NIteUI by AndroidAtNight – Ice Cream Sandwich Concept Theme (No Root Required)


My good friend @AndroidAtNight on Twitter spent a lot of his free time designing this amazing homescreen based around what he feels like the next iteration of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, could look like. I have to hand it to him — it looks pretty nice. The NIte UI theme takes a lot of design cues from the new Android Market and even some hints from the new Google Voice widget with its busy but minimal stylings. The theme isn’t your typical root required/flash zip file theme. Instead, its composed entirely from a dizzying amount of apps you can find in your very own Android Market with no root required. I’d be lying if I said the entire process was an easy one. But — if you have the time, the dedication and careful attention to detail, you too could be the talk of the town with a theme that will make the ladies say, “Aye, papi!” (probably not). Hit up the source link and prepare to be learn-ed.

[Via AndroidAtNight]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Coming from a design standpoint…its a lil ugly and cluttered and the gradients make it feel cheap =(. I commend him for the work and dedication though. I feel like this is what your phone would look like if your android market took over the entire OS of your phone haha. Not necessarily Ice Cream Sandwich tho.

    1. I agree, from a design standpoint, it’s pretty ugly.

  2. hate it. if i wanted a wp7 phone i’d buy one.

    1. I actually OWN a WP7 phone (Arrive) and this looks nothing like it o_O

      1. You own a wp7? THE HORROR!

    2. WP7? Because it has rectangles and colors? Ok. Whatever.

  3. Definitely looks a bit like the tiles on Windows Phone 7.

  4. I also cannot stand the look of this theme. I know it’s not for everyone, but if I wanted to go the route of WP7, I would. If I wanted to go the route of iOS, I would. If ICS looks like that and if that is the direction Android is heading, I’m not sure I would want a “vanilla android” phone in the Nexus Prime. I’d rather have a UI overlay from HTC or Samsung any day.

    1. You can easily just get a Launcher to replace the home screen if you end up hating it.

  5. Chris always love your style ov writing makes me atleast want to read what you have to report. I hope ice cream sandwich don’t look like this I choose android not windows 7

    1. LOL! Thanks, Frankie! Yeah, I don’t think Google will drastically change around the UI that much. Even though they are aiming for a more minimal style…

      1. I did this, it took forever.

        Mainly because I couldn’t get the Wallpaper switcher to switch wallpapers depending on what screen it is on, so I edited the main picture to get rid of “fun” and “social” on the top. Now I only have one homescreen though.

      2. @Chris, with all these UI’s why has no official or unofficial star trek UI been made? If any has I have not seen them.

    2. Why does it look like WP7 to you? Because it has simple colors?

  6. I don’t think it’s ugly likes others do but it’s definitely a WP7 clone…

    1. Where is WP7? I don’t see it. please point to the picture.

  7. This theme looks like the market and WP7 phones. Just saying the obivious…

  8. I like the concept of this. I hope ICS is just about features and people just come up with launchers on their own.

  9. Stratergy

  10. While we don’t have much to go on for Ice Cream Sandwich, I do think there might be some cues from this theme that will resonate with ICS.

    Remember, Android is working on a framework that allows for apps to be designed in both phone and tablet consumption.

    The idea of ‘frames’, or where a Tablet is equal to two/double the horizontal phone design, is likely made easier by shapes and blocks like the ones of this theme.

    The theme is radical, and a bit W7, but very clean, and as pointed out in the article, is more based of current Google design (Market) than anything from Microsoft.

  11. lol do people just like to type “WP7”? This looks nothing like it.

  12. To me it looks more like a replica of the new Android Market than it does WP7…

  13. This is ANDROID not wp7

  14. It reminds me of windows ribbons

  15. i think this is interesting. I don’t really care for the look and feel of it; i don’t care much for the new look of the android market either though. I do however like the labeled home screens, that is pretty sweet.

    one thing that I really liked about sense that I wished other launchers would implement was the scenes, so one layout for business, one for travel, one for social, etc. so that you could optimize your phone for various situations without having to change the layout every time you left work to go out with friends or decided to go on vacation. I think it’s interesting and commend @AndroidAtNight for achieving a similar function between home screens.

  16. I think this is very cool! It looks like it’s still all based on widgets and such so I’m not sure why people would freak out about it. This UI looks far better than Windows Phone 7. I will be sad if ICS isn’t just like this, not in looks but in the ability to customize the UI to one’s own liking. That’s one of the things I like about Android over WP7 and iOS.

  17. I love this. I don’t care how long this’ll take, I’ll be doing this to my Sensation. I hope ICS looks a bit like this. If it does, it’ll be enough to keep me interested in Android.

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