Motorola Begins Soak Test For Droid 3 Update

We received a Phantip earlier today from a Droid 3 owner informing us that Motorola is all set to begin their soak test for Droid 3. If you’re a member of the Motorola Feedback Network, you may be lucky enough to test out the update before it’s officially launched. Here’s a excerpt from the email some users have receiving:


Thanks for signing up for the Motorola Feedback Network. We are preparing a confidential update for Droid 3 owners and wonder if you would be interested in taking part.



Motorola Owners’ Forums

Motorola Feedback Network

The update should address a lot of the issues Droid 3 users have been having since the device launched a few months ago. The soak test means the official OTA update should be just around the corner providing there are no huge bugs in this release. You guys hyped about this?

Thanks, Anon!

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  • Rodger

    Thank god. This better address some SERIOUS issues with random daily reboots. This phone kicks a$$, and a fix is needed to keep people happy. Fingers crossed… come on moto.

    • Chris Chavez

      *fingers crossed*

    • ryancooper143

      Ya, an amazing phone, but if i here DROID in the middle of math class because of a reboot…..i swear…………..i need to see if it can be rooted, thats prob. why there making it.

  • Endoverend

    Can’t wait. Have been using this as my personal phone and while it’s an excellent piece of hardware, the stability leaves a lot to be desired. Have noticed that most all reboots do not reset the uptime, indicating that only the Android stack is restarting rather than the Linux kernel itself.

    I believe that replacing the Motorola launcher with ADW has helped my situation, but this could be wishful thinking or another change in my usage pattern. At the very least it keeps the log file (i.e., the result of adb logcat) a whole bunch cleaner. The stock launcher enjoyed filling it with thousands of messages of noise about missed animation frames.

  • wnemay

    I dont use the MotoBlur launcher, and “froze” all of the bloat apps on day one! I am yet to see the phone rebooting by itself.