Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Team Announces App For Android at COD XP 2011

If you haven’t heard, there’s this little convention going on in Los Angeles, California called Call of Duty XP 2011. As the name suggests, this convention is all about Call of Duty and its legion of fans who gather to watch previews, act out levels from the game and generally just have a good ‘ol time. Surprisingly, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 team actually made an announcement today to their players letting them know of an app in the works for Android and iOS. Before you freak out — no this isn’t a game app. Instead this app will allow COD players to modify their weapons and gear while away from the game and attempting to function normally in society.

The app will be free to download, only requiring your log-in info to access your gear. No release date has been given but it’s definitely something to look out for. Great — as if my friend Mike needed another way to fuel his addiction.

[Via Gamepro]

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  • Richard Gilboy

    Will be using this anytime when I’m not playing Gamebattles. lol

    • Chris Chavez

      I knew it ;D

  • t1mothy tAn

    Cool app, cool features, but too bad the game looks like the most boring COD of all time.

    • Chris Chavez

      Too many explosions and shooting people in the face!?!?!?!?

  • Pranay Patel

    So android is the best one as every one say. There is no doubt of android because it provides all effects in cheap mobile of Samsung’s edition also. So Android will soon eat up apple. Nice article of your. Thank you so much.

  • Khalid.H

    “…and attempting to function normally in society.”

    I’m quite sure the COD kids would be too busy jizzing all over each others’ kill-to-death ratios than to function normally in society if they get their hands on this app.

  • theineffablebob

    Can’t believe nobody has said it yet!

    Battlefield 3.

    • Matthew

      Call of Duty vs Battlefield is just as bad as Android vs Apple fanboys go crazy. Not calling you a fanboy just saying

      • Patrick Cassels

        And Battlefield is Android right? ;)

    • sQueezedhe

      ..doesn’t have an android app so this post is 100% irrelevant.

  • Raymond

    Great idea for a App. I will most definitely be using this.

  • Dani08

    Great work. Sndroid will be the Future

  • rushaoz

    Too bad this will be the worst cod. Black ops was an unbalanced abomination. We need another “cod4″. It’s time for change and the sane recycled trash every year is getting tiring.

    • CynicalBrony

      COD 4 was pretty good, all though I did find World At War pretty good. Everything after that was awful.

      • davetheAndroid

        I have to say, the only COD game I still have is 4. Traded all the other ones in already, but always come back to 4.

    • ArChAnG3L

      What makes you think this will be the worst yet,there’s nothing released yet bout it that we can decide on. It’s like saying the next president,is going to,be a complete failure,where’s the facts in it?

      • rushaoz

        I’m guessing you enjoyed the last few games and haven’t noticed the decline in quality. Mw3 will be the first in the series to be developed by a team that’s never even touched a cod title beforehand. Infinity ward is barely alive after its top 35 developers bounced because of the activision nazis. Which is why sledgehammer and raven are helping. Not only that, its STILL using the same damn I’d engine from cod2. Best selling franchise in the world and we can’t gets a new engine. Or dedicated servers for that matter. I can go on for ages.

        • ArChAnG3L

          i actually did enjoy cod4 an cod5. black ops by treyarch was horrible,not gonna lie. im actually glad to have I.D back making the campaign. now as for the multiplayer aspects, im not to happy bout it,but im willing to give it a try. yes,it sucks the lost all there top developers,but atleast they didnt end the entire game permanently. Maybe sledgehammer an raven will actually surprise us online,whos know what will happen with MW3,only one way to find out is by playing it. untill then we shall see.

  • Nemesys06

    Good idea I guess. I am tired of cod though. With the exception of zombies I am done playing cod. I miss the more old school games like rb6 3 or unreal championship. Whatever happened to mechassault? Time they paid tribute to what made xbox live to begin with

  • IAmNotTheStig

    Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for the Battlefield Battlelog App

  • godrilla

    Cod 3 is the same as 2 and 1 just a new map pack lol,

    BF3 ftw

  • CynicalBrony

    The average COD fanboy doesn`t even know what Android is.

    • ArChAnG3L

      I disagree,when I played black ops,I saw a lot of Android symbols.

  • Caleb Lewis

    As a COD player myself, I’m looking forward to MW3. I skipped Black Ops because I preferred Infinity Ward to Treyarch, and most of my friends agree. I am probably looking forward most to MW3’s Survival mode. It just looks fun. But the app, I think, would be kinda nifty to have at times. You’re out with friends talking about it, and they tell you what classes they use, and before you can forget, you can set up your class that way as well. I think people are making too big of a deal over it.

    • rushaoz

      Did you not know infinity ward now isnt the same team that made cod1,2,4 and mw2 right? Half the team exiled to EA and are now called respawn entertainment. This includes its 2 creators. Cod is just a cash cow now. Expect it tone sitting next to guitar hero and tony hawk within a few years.

      • sQueezedhe

        You do know that IW still exist right? and that a lot of mw3 was made by the same folk that did mw and mw2 before they left to form respawn.. right?

        Give it the benefit of the doubt. The reason it became a cash cow is because the formula of mw worked so well to start with.

        Whilst mw2’s mp was amazingly broken it was still a helluva lot of fun. BO had it’s moments but it was definitely <mw2.

        I will be checking out mw3, regardless of the haters.

        (Probably bf3 too)

        Anyway, OT – i'm glad that they accept there's more to the world than iphone ad can have a stats app up, now if bungie would do the same..

  • Jeff432

    MW2 had way to many cheaters, it was too easy to kill someone online, and I hated that game.

    Black Ops has practically no cheaters, I like how it’s harder to get a lot of kills, and I like the points system. However, one complaint that I have about Black Ops is that the graphics are horrible.

    With MW3, I’m not really looking forward to it for several reasons, including that it’s a new group of developers, it’s extremely unlikely that they’ve added new features to the game, and because in the trailers, there’s practically no recoil.

  • Lil_bee

    what makes black ops so horrible? Hoping to get a clear answer, but i guess the typical hate filled one will probably do

    • sQueezedhe

      Didn’t ‘feel’ right :)

      I also didn’t appreciate their unlocking schedule. The maps were poor, the gunporn less fun. mw2 was great fun because of how daft you could be in your loadouts [but the killstreaks adding to killstreaks ruined it].

      Matches on Terminal are some of the finest times i’ve had on console MP gaming.

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