PSA:EVO 4G Maintenance Upgrade Rolling Out

Earlier this week it was reported that the HTC EVO 3D would be getting a maintenance update. It was scheduled to begin OTA on August 29th, but Sprint mentioned users should allow 1-2 weeks for it to get ti everyone. If you haven’t already, go ahead and check for it to see if you can pull it down. In case you missed the change log, here’s what’s going on:

  • Out of memory, Unable to send SMS error fixed
  • Images cut off in Picasa issue fixed
  • Group contacts not in alphabetical order issue resolved
  • Image size issue with contact transfer over bluetooth resolved
  • Integrated voice recognition accuracy with voice search and voice-to-text

And I know that third one was bugging a LOT of people. It’ll be version 4.53.651.1. It’s great to see Sprint still supporting the HTC EVO 4G after all this time and we hope the updates won’t slow down as we head into the latter portions of its second year.

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  • lornaevo

    I hope there isn’t a bug fix to patch the exploit the revolution uses.

  • acedanger

    I’m confused…is this for the EVO 3D or the EVO 4G?

  • mmark27

    This came out last week. You got me all excited thinking there was a NEW update that actually fixed the issues. Back to waiting. (the voice to text is fixed though, which is great). And the Hboot version is not changed with this update, which many are saying will allow revolutionary to still work.

    • SoloCup

      I got mine yesterday- these are generally rolled out in stages over a period of days. Guess they couldn’t handle updating EVERYONE’S phone all at once.

  • Aja Hemphill

    where is my 2.3.4 with native video chat support? Kinda lame they are sticking with 2.3.3

  • TheDudeAbidesMan

    Can I get this update if I’m rooted? I have problems sending and receiving texts…???

    • Mark G

      If you are rooted, you should never take any OTA update. If you’re running a stock rom, usually the update will be available in flash form within hours of release.

  • spikedeutch

    Anyone have a fix for the issue with every call starting in speakerphone?