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Honeycomb Leaks for the HTC Flyer, Custom ROM already in the Works

When HTC announced their Flyer tablet amidst a rash of Android Honeycomb tablets, its Gingerbread OS was perhaps one of its main shortcomings. Since its launch, Google has updated Honeycomb to Android 3.2, optimizing the tablet-only OS for smaller displays, such as the 7-inch screen found on the Flyer. Now the first build of the updated OS has leaked for HTC’s first tablet.

The build is extremely early, and it might not be advisable to install as-is (though an RUU is available). Instead, one might do better to wait for Android ROM maker extraordinaire Paul O’Brien to cook up his own take on the release.

[via MoDaCo]

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  • CynicalBrony

    Good news for all 5 of you who own the Flyer.

    • Doug

      Well then, yay for me and four others.

      • VonLaserface

        Checking in. Where’s the other 3?

        • charlesjames

          Here I am, happy with my flyer..:)

        • josh miller

          Ohhh Im here too

        • Zack Hetlage


      • CynicalBrony

        Hey, at least your tablet gets updates. My Galaxy Tab is starting to show its age…

  • TheFugitive

    Number 4 checking in

  • Aram Manoukian

    me, too. tried all the others for a while but settled on the flyer.. xoom too big, felt slower and sloppier.. all the 10-inchers too big to easily carry around (that’s what she said?)

    flyer has been perfect.. fast as heck

  • jerome510

    i dont have a tablet but from all the ones ive tried. this is my favorite, if it wasnt for the pricey tablet prices i would of gotten this.

  • Michael Gillenwater

    Love my flyer – will love it more with honeycomb :)

  • Jaswinder Singh

    How many have they sold like 50 all together???

  • Pearl Chen

    Yep, love my Flyer.

  • Greg Huddleston

    My htc evo 4g view is a great device indeed ! Highly recommended if you need an android tab, (I owned a rev 1 iPad too so I am not an iPad hater by any means…)