Google Engineer Uses The Power of Android and Google Maps To Propose To His Girlfriend

In one of the more geeky (and equally awesome) stories I came across today, a Google engineer by the name of Ari Gilder proposed to his girlfriend today using a combination of Google Maps and a custom app he built on his Nexus One. The girlfriend was given the Nexus One and then, using the Google Maps to plan her route, she would check in at various locations using the custom app to receive a rose and a picture.

Directions to the next location were locked by a password that the girlfriend had to figure out by successfully answering a question about their relationship. You see, this would never work if it was turned around. Men forget everything. Anyway — back to the story. Once, future Ms. Gilder, reached the final checkpoint she was then met by Ari who dropped to one knee and popped her the final question (I promised myself I wouldn’t cry).

This just goes to show you the creative minds working at Google. Oh- and thanks Ari for making the rest of us men look bad. I can barely build a tiny house out of popsicle sticks let alone a custom Android app. In any case, congrats Ari and his fiance!

[Via Electronista]

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  • Johngi

    i cant stop crying!! :'(

    • Chris Chavez


      • pas3

        nexus one is so ugly… trackball on a phone in 2010? LOL

        • Kat Meredith

          I have a Hero with a trackball and I love it. It’s not in the way until you need it and then it is really useful. I’m sure the same holds true for the Nexus.

  • Gary Quick

    “You see, this would never work if it was turned around. Men forget everything.”
    Dude, he had to remember in order to ask her the questions about their relationship.

    • Abdur9

      He only asked the questions he remembered… We only forget the answers to the questions she asks :P

  • uzo ufondu

    “You see, this would never work if it was turned around. Men forget everything.”

    Gmale never forgets

    • OnpointG3

      Lol so true he determined that his gurl was cheating on him wit Sam

  • ionekoa

    like this, but with superior technology.

  • Dani08

    Google is famous for its variation…..

  • daveb123

    so he turned his marriage proposal into an advert for google… im sure she was so proud lol. sounds a bit contrived though, what did she think the free phone, map directions and random questions where all about??

  • RitishOemraw

    The question is, how many of those passwords did she have to Google because she forgot? I bet she searched her g-mails a LOT :P

    • Ari Gilder

      just one, i think :)

      • Del373

        Congrats dude! I wish you two a very happy life together. :)

  • ,,

    So, the point of the story is that you can’t marry a girl unless you make her a program… holy *Beep* .. i better improve my programming skills… Bachelor can wait xD

  • ,,

    btw, Suggested topic from the story would be: “How Google engineers get laid” lool

  • Immolate

    Note to others: make sure your girlfriend really likes treasure hunts before you spring this on her, and avoid leaving clues in high-crime areas.

  • lordofthereef

    Neat idea, but I am sure she knew exactly where this was going at the beginning. Unless of course they like to go around the city entering random building/locations just for fun.

  • Leah Goodman

    I think it’s cute, if a little geeky and sappy all at the same time.

  • Thomas Roux