Samsung Galaxy Note is a 5.3-inch Phone/Tablet Hybrid with Built-In Stylus

Rumors have been circulating of an upcoming Samsung handset with a massive 5-inch+ display. Now the manufacturer has launched a device fitting the description at the IFA trade show currently underway in Berlin. With a 5.3-inch (1280×800) Super AMOLED display, the Samsung Galaxy Note straddles the line between tablet and smartphone. With no official plans detailed for release, it’s hard to say where the device falls on that spectrum. It is powered by the same Samsung-made 1.4GHz processor found in the recently announced Galaxy Tab 7.7, rocks dual 8MP and 2MP cameras on the rear and front respectively, and features HSPA+ connectivity. A built-in stylus can be used for quick note taking, drawings and annotations, or to grab screen captures. Measuring in at a mer 9.65mm thick, the Galaxy Note manages to keep a relatively low profile for such a cumbersome device.

The phone/tablet runs on Gingerbread and gets Samsung’s TouchWiz interface on top. A special “S Pen” interface with a set of unique applications allows for input from the storable pen. Included are a to-do list, daily “S Planner,” and a stylus-optimized calendar, but the SDK will be released to developers to help expand the selection of available functions. Samsung is currently in discussion with carriers on the release of the Galaxy Note, so as you may guess there are few details to report on that front at this time.

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  • Josh Phillips

    This could honestly make me forget about the Nexus Prime. I don’t really care about the stylus, but could see how that could come in handy I guess… but seriosuly… 5.3″ 1280×800 1.4GHz dual core…. It reads like my dream sheet. Only thing that could make it better would be LTE on Verizon.

    • ryan shepard


    • Michael O’Keefe

      Yes, Verizon please!! This is exactly what I’ve been wanting. I *LIKE* the bigger screened phones. This is right at the limit of what I want, which is perfect. I’m saddened that the Dell Streak 5″ went away. I was hoping they’d update it. …and bring it out for Verizon. :)

    • Dario Sucic

      The Nexus Prime will have a better chip overall, 1.5Ghz and has a better graphics chip (way better).
      Also, the screen is smaller 4.5″.

      • James


    • molomolo

      Ha, keep dreaming and begging the carries.
      GSM (for att and tmobile) version will be available right away.

  • InyRules

    Hmm, 5.3″ seems too big to me for an everyday phone. Interesting device nonetheless, I just hope it does better than the Dell Streak did, which was a device in that gray tablet/phone area.

    • Cris Tate

      I was about to say, didn’t Dell try this already and fail miserably?

      • ari_free

        Dell isn’t based in asia where billions of people use pen stroke languages

      • Jinwon Sung

        Dell original streak failed because it had lackluster spec other than screen size. This one has top notch spec like 800p HD screen, 1.4Ghz dual core and stylus pen making notes. I’m sure it will find quite a bit of folks liking it.

  • Jean-Paul Detiege

    DO WANT!!!!!!! If only it was carried by Sprint (unlimited data!), had Sense instead of TouchWiz, and was a little BIGGER… (no sarcasm)

  • JamesS

    I find it kind of funny that the stylus is coming back as a feature.

    • ari_free

      Did you see the Apple commercial where the student watches a video of a college lecture on his ipad2 and writes down notes on pen and paper?

      • JamesS

        Nope. Don’t watch TV. I’ve tried note taking apps on my tablet and quite frankly, I don’t like any of them so far.

  • whoisyasin

    Bring it to Big Red with LTE and let me use it as a phone, and this is my dream phone.

    • whoisyasin

      Big missed opportunity on not making it honeycomb, because those buttons will be useless when ice cream sandwich comes out.

      • ari_free

        They can’t make it honeycomb because it is restricted to what google thinks is a tablet

      • James

        The buttons won’t be useless. ICS will work on a range of devices, some will have buttons, some will not.

  • billibolas

    Seems really cool, I would have to see it in person though…

  • Patrick Washington

    Wow, and just like that the SGS2 was sent to the back of the bus by this monster.

  • acey_zero

    Interesting… I could definitely use a tablet with pen input for school if the price is right. Seems like kind of an awkward size though. I don’t think I would carry that around as my phone, and it is a bit small for a dedicated tablet…

  • technohead95

    Too big as a mobile phone if you ask me. My SGS2 is 4.3″ and that’s about my upper limit. I’m sure some people will be ok with 5.3″ but I’d guess that most wouldn’t. Rest of the spec seems really sweet though :-) If only they can squeeze that in a 4 to 4.3″ screen size.

  • ari_free

    It’s about time everyone realized that a stylus is the best way to differentiate against the ipad.

  • Khalid.H

    SAMOLED and not SAMOLED+? The screen isn’t going to be pretty…

    • James

      What are you smoking?

      • Khalid.H

        Nothing at all. Pentile just makes everything look disgusting.

  • blaque_prince

    Well damn!!! I’ve been screaming this since not longer after Android started taking off and the tablet talk started. Give me a tablet thats a phone as well and I’ll buy it. Dell screwed theirs up. This seems like it could be the winner.

    I don’t know what to do now. I was waiting for the Verizon Nexus Prime or whatever it will be called but this kicks it up another notch. I really do like to be able to do a lot of things from my phone on the go and in meetings and the offerings for doing that just keep getting better and better. I’d love to see how my speed and accuracy work out for typing on it. I imagine it would be too wide in landscape to type with thumbs but too small to set down as a keyboard.

  • vinterchaos

    I’d rock this phone, but it’ll prob be a year and a half till it gets to the US, if ever.

  • toomuchgame441

    Finally! Now bring it to US carriers and it will dominate!

  • dara_parsavand

    What are the official dimensions of this thing? I looked all over and all I could find was the thickness. Well, at least with an announced screen size and aspect ratio and front facing pics (e.g., I can ball park it by computing vertical and horizontal scale factors based on the screen and then use those on the phone. I get roughly 140 x 80 mm as a lower bound – if it comes under on either of those numbers, I’ll be surprised.

    This is too big even for me (and I like big screens). But I’m happy they are coming out with this model as some people seem very interested and the more big screen / high res phones on the market, the better for the market segment that I want – which I hope is the next Nexus: 4.5 to 4.65 1280×720 with something like a 120-122 x 66-68 mm x whatever thickness form factor.

    I’ll also be interested to see how the 1280 phones and large phone/tablets come down on the the other number of pixels. I think 720 is better than 800 to make a narrower phone that is easier to grab when the screen height for the 1280 direction is north of 100 mm. There is also 768 which matches most existing Samsung phones’ aspect ratio. Maybe all 3 choices will have market penetration, or maybe only one or two will be predominantly available.

    Alright, the start of the 1280 phones – finally!

  • BoHarris

    Oh man I hope it comes to verizon with lte, I’ll probably get it regardless but lte on vz would put it over the top!

  • BoHarris

    Why is it that I continually get an “unknown error” message when trying to pull up this article thru the phandroid app, other articles come up fine just this one that errors out.

  • PratikGupta

    too big..but awesome specs

  • Juan Almanzar

    I’m going to be honest. From the second I watched that video, I found this thing to be awesome. I can’t wait for it to come to the states and I get a chance to play with it. Yes the Dell Streak came first but this is the first “hybrid” between phone and tablet that I have actually found appealing. I don’t know if its simply the specs or the actual software aboard this thing or the fact that Samsung released the developer SDK to hopefully bring some developer love along in the future, but this device seems like the perfect fit for me.

    While I use my phone for phone calls (wow right), I use it mainly for surfing the web, checking my email, checking out blogs/writing on my own, and on occasion gaming/watching videos. These are all these that are more enjoyable on a tablet sized device. While I love my new HP Touchpad, I don’t lug it around everywhere. My phone, on the other hand, is with me everywhere I go. I usually keep it in a pocket all on its own so bumping up the size a bit. The extra real estate and the apps tailored to take advantage of the extra space as well as the actual stylus friendly apps makes this a very appealing phone for me.

    I can’t wait for it to hit the US.

    I wrote a post about this on my tech blog, feel free to check it out: Broke Man’s Tech (Google search it please, sorry Phandroid does not allow me to post the link)

  • aka Got Flow

    This reallt is a dream come true, forget about the Prime, 5.3 screen, hopefully Sprint picks this up. I’ll have to pass on the Samsung Epic 4G then…..

  • Del373

    Anyone else find it odd that we’re referring to this device as big/cumbersome whereas we call the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other tablets like it small/portable?

    I mean I know it’s big for a phone, but I’d rather tote this around all day than a 10 inch tablet…no matter wether the 10.1 inch screen makes browsing more enjoyable or not.

  • BoHarris

    Just read thru the press release ebbs out does support both lte and hspa+!

  • artsr2002

    This isn’t PenTile is it? Cuz that would be fail. Thanks.

  • …ima 757boy.

    …its like a small PLASMA TV.

  • Naveen

    No detail

  • Geffá Felipe

    seriously no 4G?????????

  • Daniel Keane

    Don’t like the idea of the stylus, otherwise sounds great.

  • Bernd das Brot

    I absolutely want this beauty. Oh yeah.

  • Katie Thomas

    Looks like this could be a happy medium between the mobile and the tablet. . . lets call it a MOTAB!!.
    Also a stylus is a handy feature along side the capture and drawing features, a lot of industries will embrace this,
    especially for those chubby fingered people out there. (you try drawing professionally with your finger!!)

  • Rich

    I would totally get this phone. With a bluetooth headset, it’ll be amazing.