HP’s Last TouchPad Rodeo Only Includes North America

When HP decided to discontinue the HP TouchPad and WebOS after they failed to do anything meaningful with it, they decided to sell out the rest of their stock in a fire sale clearance. This saw the device offered as low as $100 at most retailers and consumers snatched them up like hotcakes on a Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, so many people purchased them that stock quickly depleted, but HP decided to do one last production run of the TouchPad to meet lingering demand for the tablet (pending price, of course). If what Mobot.net reports is true, however, no regions outside of North America will be included.

“We are pleased by the response to webOS and look forward to customer feedback so we can further enhance the platform. A limited quantity of TouchPads will be available in the coming weeks  in North America only. In EMEA we are discontinuing the webOS hardware operations and will not offer any additional products beyond what might be currently available in selective outlets.”

That’s sad news for our friends in Europe and other regions, if true. With hope that Android will eventually be ported to the tablet thanks to the very dedicated development community, this was one of the hotter items to get at its price point. Perhaps eBay will treat one of you well in the near future, though we’d expect a bit of markup as it’s now become a bit rare.

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  • B2L

    Hopefully I can get one this time. :)

  • jimmyk0789

    I want one

  • MarcusDW

    Oh I WILL be making money this time around. I didn’t take the opportunity seriously enough last time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/srlnclt Lance Young

    Hopefully I can get a few! 3 or so to sell and 2 for my wife and I!

  • http://yellobird.myopenid.com/ Y||B

    We really can feel the love here in the EU.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MRXKXFO5F7NVWFJHNZFO7NEHVY Big R

    At least the EU got the SGS2 several months ago. We have not had a good phone for some time in the US.

    I hope I can find one of these and they have it ported to Android by then.

  • No Name

    Because of these 4ucks who want to sell, people who”s buying for themselves are gonna be 4ucked once again.

  • Munee

    I gotta get 1

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000885395998 Joy Coleman

    I want one, I got an email from them yesterday but that’s it

  • WhoaManWtF

    Screw you lance it’s because of people like you I haven’t gotten one yet.

  • Jakemize

    You lousy s.o.b.’s trying to profit from these would sell your own grandmother to the ravenous bug-blatter beast of trall for a buck, wouldn’t you?!

    • Del373

      Bonus points for the H2G2 reference.

  • malfuncion

    Got mine yesterday

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=517076291 Tarun Aggrawal

    I love phandroid, but this news has nothing to do with android, unless remotely this article was connected to how android might ever be ported to it!

    • tq745

      on some devices android was already on it straight from factory

      • David Gray

        BOOM, got him!!! Thats true, the HP TouchPad even though it runs WebOS can run an Android OS and some models are coming pre-loaded with Android so do your research ya PUNK

  • Daniel

    If It’s $100 like the first run I want one. But I didn’t know if I want the HTC Jetstream, or the Sony S tablets. Decisions Decisions!

    • David Gray


  • Jeff432

    I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’m going to buy this tablet.

    How does the performance of this tablet compare to the performance of other tablets?

    • David Gray

      1.2 ghz snapdragon, ya it’s pretty fast AND I’ve been doing some research because I just got 1 of the 32GB’s for $149!!! Some people have been complaining about LAG on the TouchPad, apparently it’s due to the BACKGROUND ERROR REPORTING that HP set up and all you have to do is turn this feature OFF and it’s almost like overclocking your Touchpad. Sorry, no link but just Google “how to disable logging on HP TouchPad” and you’re good!

  • http://none Hash

    If you want one hp has a list of first come first serve. I am number 1000. Last I checked there was a few thousand on the list, I here they’re not accepting anymore. Also its one per customer and per household.

  • peterg

    @Hash. HP has stated that they will limit to 1 per customer but i haven’t seen anything indicating how the plan to distribute. Also, where did you get your list number? I think your BSing the crowd.

  • http://none Hash

    Last week I was talking to hp. They made me an account, she told me I was number 1000, she said at the time there was 500 people lined up behind me. She also assured me she was 100% sure id get one. But who knows maybe she was BSing me. Also I read in an article they were not accepting any others on their list. But I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on, even Hp.