Angry Birds Rio “Airfield Chase” Episodes Now Available In The Android Market

Are you ready for some more Angry Bird slinging fun? Well, if you are, Angry Birds Rio has been updated in the Android Market to version 1.3.0. The new Airfield Chase episodes bring 15 new levels for you to wreak havoc and help save your feathery friends from their caged prisons. I can tell you right now, my little cousin is going to flip when she finds out about this update. Hit up the Market link below to check it out.

[Market Link]


July 21st

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  • Jordan Pfingsten

    Redundant game is redundant. Thanks for the headsup, tho!

    • Chris Chavez

      It never gets old… xD

  • Dario Sucic

    Someone still plays this?

    • Chris Chavez

      Read: everyone. O_o

  • SuperC142

    Hmm… looks like no love in the Amazon market yet.

    • David Mathisen

      I got it from Amazon over 2 weeks ago so you should have it

      • SuperC142

        Oh- having been published yesterday, I thought this article was talking about the update *after* “Airfield Chase”. I, too, got the Airfield Chase update a couple of weeks ago. I need to learn to read. ;-)

        Thanks much David.

  • techsitioseo

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