Best Buy UK Selling 16GB WiFi HTC Flyer for £329

If the HTC Flyer is still a viable tablet for you in light of all the Honeycomb-laden tablets as of late, Best Buy UK has a great deal for you. For £329, you can walk away with the 16GB WiFi version of the Android 2.3 HTC Sense tablet. We can’t tell whether or not it comes with the Scribe pen that allows you to write notes or draw, but the listing says “the Magic Pen makes it a pleasure to use!” Oh, and according to them this thing has Android 2.4. But never mind all that – get in on this deal before it’s too late. [EuroDroid]

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  • karnka

    Went and played with one at lunchtime again. Very nice hardware.

    If they would confirm the arrival of honeycomb and perhaps provide a timeline I’d probably be sold. Then again, Galaxy Tab 7.7… may have to wait and see.

  • http://na adam

    About how much is this in American dollars?