HTC Thunderbolt Only 1 Penny at Amazon [Deals]

After the HTC Thunderbolt debuted at $250, we saw many discounts bringing it under the $200 mark users were comfortable with. We’ve even seen it below the $100 mark at once point in time. Nothing can beat today’s deal, though – Amazon’s offering the Thunderbolt up for only a penny.

It’s no Sensation or EVO 3D, but you’re still getting a great phone by HTC with access to arguably the fastest 4G network in America. And the single-core processor inside runs Sense (2.1) just fine, thank you very much. if you want in on it.

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  • jjrudey

    I still don’t want it.

  • Cris Tate

    Still $120 for an upgrade and not a new account. Might have picked it up for $.01, but for $120 I think I’ll wait.

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    Steal for a great phone with an AWESOME Dev community!

  • jonbedison

    I’m starting to hate verizon… why in the hell will they not give these deals to existing customers that have paid them thousands of dollars… so I guess once they have you they know you can’t leave so they are more interested in getting new ones… I understand they want more customers but they need to provide these deals to the ones that have been with them for years.

  • Robert Manser

    Instead of people saying I still don’t want the phone or Verizon sucks just don’t post anything. We can tell when your jealous, because you can’t upgrade o

  • Robert Manser

    Jealous or can’t afford a TB or upgraded to soon know mad they dropped the price and you didn’t get it. So post nice or don’t post at all.