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RadioShack Outs September 1st Launch for Google Wallet?

Google is putting a lot of stock into mobile payments conducted via NFC as the future of our daily transactions. For their part, they plan to debut Google Wallet with the help of a handful of retail partners. One such partner is RadioShack, and one RadioShack employee has spilled the beans on just when we might welcome the mobile payments revolution. September 1st is the date provided for the RadioShack/Google Wallet partnership to go live. Even if the date comes and goes without the ability to swipe your NFC-enabled phone at the checkout counter, the Shack is definitely preparing its employees for the launch of the service sometime soon. Now if we could just get a few more NFC handsets we might have something to work with.

[via Engadget]

  • Chris Sullivan

    oops! I guess they did.

  • Alek Tritt

    “Now if we could just get a few more NFC handsets we might have something to work with.”

    Exactly, there are how many NFC capable phones in the US?

  • M.Spit

    i think there are plans of add on option to have nfc chip on sd cards so you can add to any phone and/or easily lose everything.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Sweet! Now I can use my phone when I…wait…

    Like most, I don’t have an NFC capable phone.

    And who the hell shops at Radio Shack?


  • Jeffrey Elizondo

    sucks though not all all phones have NFC

  • DnF 1000

    I’ve got a Nexus S 4G and it is NFC capable. I’ll just have to go by RadioShack and buy something just to try out the NFC.