V Cast Videos Renamed to Verizon Video, Offers 250 TV Episodes and Mobile NFL Broadcasts for $10/month


Verizon has updated their V Cast Videos application and the amount of content it offers. New and existing customers will be happy to find 250 new streaming TV episodes of varying shows from CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, Comedy Central and more. You’re also getting content from Sunday Night Football on NBC, RedZone and NFL Network content. All of this is for just $10/month ($3 if you only want 24-hour access). Not a bad deal at all. Those with the app will be notified of the update soon, while new customers can begin enjoying the goods as soon as they opt-in. [Market, Mobile Crunch]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Dear Vzw, I already pay 1 arm and 1 leg for Fios TV/Internet, digital voice and a family cell phone plan (with 3 data packages). I WILL NOT PAY ANOTHER MONTHLY FEE TO YOU FOR ANYTHING. FOR WHAT I PAY EVERY MONTH I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY TO WATCH VIDEO/TV ON MY PHONES, IT SHOULD BE INCLUDED.

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