Samsung Galaxy Precedent Headed for Straight Talk Wireless

A new prepaid Android is headed our way, this time courtesy of Walmart’s Straight Talk. The Samsung Galaxy Precedent is priced at an uber-affordable $150 without any sort of contractual obligations attached. For $45 per month, Straight Talk provides a plan with unlimited text, voice, and web access. Galaxy Precedent probably isn’t the most aptly named device, as it isn’t exactly seeting any sort of precedent for prepaid handsets with its 800MHz CPU, 3.2-inch touchscreen, and Android 2.2 build. What you are looking at is basically a re-labeled Samsung Prevail (available through Boost Mobile). But with service tied into AT&T’s 3G network, the combination of price and service plan should be more than appealing to many looking for Android on a budget.

[via Android and Me]

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  • SirSenad Musicc

    What they didn’t show you is the Phones speed, Having cut to the point where Facebook was fully loaded means this phone is SLOW. Cant expect much more when your talking about a Wal-Mart branded “Pre-Paid” line up

  • jay mulhollen

    I dont see this on the site anywhere. It has grabbed my attention knowing I can save 70-100 /month of cellular fees and not lose coverage?……..Im game!

  • Dario Sucic

    Why does Samsung keep pumping out this low end piece of garbage.

    • Chris Chavez

      Price, yo. For some people, $200 – $300 is too pricey for them. I think they’re crazy but that’s just how it is.

    • poeeek

      because its what sells. You ever wonder how android could ever have that marketshare?

      its because iphone and wp7 do not sell free phones on contract like these android piles of lag.

    • Rimplestilinaskin

      Truth man! Thats why Straight talk / Tracfone wireless are a real option in the wireless market. Not every body can afford to be ripped off by major carriers. And not everybody wants to be ripped off by them either.
      But why the reference to “low-end garbage”? There are many more options as far as garbage is concerned – this is very nice garbage as far as I’m concerned. Would you personally prefer a bigger disparity between low-end, and high-end devices so ‘s you can look better with your high performance toy?
      Samsung provide my folks with a $15 SVC phone, and tracfone gives the affordable plan – no other wireless provider comes close to matching the “low-end garbage” they offer. Maybe you should tell my father he has a “low-end garbage phone”, and I know he’ll thank tracfone for giving him the option.

  • DannyB2

    Even though it is tied in to AT&T’s 3G as you say, I don’t suppose you can conveniently dial 666 for AT&T’s renowned customer service?

    • DannyB2

      Okay, even though it is AT&T, I meant dial 611 for customer service, not dial 666.

      • Daveranged

        bwahahahahahaha 666 – yes!! love that dude.
        But I’m quite certain this phone isn’t a GSM model.

  • Richard Gilboy

    I’m just waiting for Straight Talk to get their own version of the Triumph and then I’ll sign on. lol

  • aztd1

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE, IT’S A SPRINT ONLY PHONE!!!! I’m trying to return mine. I couldn’t even use it to call tech support with it because it has no signal. They should tell people up front it’s Sprint.