HTC Evo 4G Was the Best Selling Android Phone in Q2

According to NPD Group, the best selling smartphones from April through June (Q2), all happened to be devices that launched last year and not this year. So, even though we saw some great devices like the Motorola Atrix, HTC Thunderbolt and LG G2X — none of these managed take the top spot from last year’s heavy hitters. Here’s the tops:

  1. Apple iPhone 4
  2. Apple 3GS
  3. HTC Evo 4G
  4. HTC Inspire 4G

While at first I struggled to wrap my head around this info, it’s now easy to see that the reason for the iPhone 4 taking #1 is because it the phone continues to be reintroduced over and over to consumers. First on Verizon, then later as a newer white version. Say what you will about Apple and their evil phone, Jobs definitely knows to squeeze every last drop out of his cash cow. The Apple 3GS saw a big price drop this year too making it appealing for those with AT&T who are on a budget.

What I found most interesting was the fact that even though Sprint is the 3rd largest carrier in the U.S., their HTC Evo 4G still managed to sell better than any other Android handset in the Q2. A simple explanation could be that because this was arguably the “best” phone in Sprint’s lineup up it left consumers with little choice for anything else until the Evo 3D’s release in July (Q3). When it comes to the HTC Inspire 4G, in my short time working with Best Buy Mobile, I saw Inspires fly off store shelves thanks in part to its higher-end specs but with an affordable $50 price sticker.

What did you guys think about these results? Were you expecting a different Android handset to come out on top? Are consumers catching on to the dual-core hype? Which Android device do you predict to take the top spot in Q3?

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  • T4rd

    Surprising at first, but after you think about the 3GS being only $50 on contract, it makes sense. The iPhone 4 is #1 for just the reason you described (being re-introduced).

    It’s going to be a while still before iPhone is de-throned as the #1 selling phone. With so many high end android devices, it’s hard for any one to take the crown, iOS only has one phone at a time.

  • Michael Quinlan

    Sprint is the third smallest carrier in the US? Which two are smaller?

    • Alchemy08

      T-mobile and Metropcs

  • vinterchaos

    Well we’re also talking Sprint here, they’re 3rd in line as far as carriers go, and not available everywhere. Also, the freedom of moving from AT&T to Verizon was a pretty big deal (not as big as forecasted?) So much variety vs 2 different models of the same phone and multiple carriers. I’d be interested to see SGS2 vs iPhone 4 / 5

    • branon

      Good point. Last I heard the SGS2 was outselling the iphone 4 in UK and Korea (latter not surprising).

      • EarlyMon

        The study was constrained to the US only.

      • riffwaffle

        sgs2 for the most part is beating iphone overseas..not surprising…they have a clue..america we like to (they)like getting on knees for steven b jobs

        • Jason

          so, every one that gets an iphone just loves jobs or are just to stupid? the GS2 does not impress me… its just another android phone that just happens to be inspired by apple products

  • Brian Pearcy

    Verizon doesn’t have one on there because they have so many phones to choose from. Sprint has a more limited selection of good phones.

    • Jason Crumbley

      But, Verizon has way more customers.

  • andulas

    between april through june i know +20 people who got one of these phones. about 8 of them were evos

  • Brian Pearcy

    I’m guessing they meant 3rd largest.

  • wpbetas

    I am sorry but if you are going to compare one device sales on one carrier to two devices on two carriers than thats bullshit… oh wait I have heard this before :)

    • Erick Bernal

      Too Bad The 3GS Was On One Carrier *Shrug*

      By The Way Screw iPhone..

      • Jason Crumbley

        Still, there was only one option for an iOS phone until the iphone4, where as there were many for Android. Probably the most realistic way would be to break down iPhone sales based on their memory instead of lumping them all together and then compare.

    • riffwaffle


  • Alchemy08

    Who care which sold the most, I got my EVO day 1, and still enjoy using till dis day.

    • Anthony

      I got my EVO day one too, and I’m still not bored of it.

  • meetloaf13

    These articles are RETARDED. You can’t compare any single android to the iPhone in terms of sale quantity. It’s stupid. If there were only ONE phone sold with Android on it…then yes. Otherwise you’re sticking your hand up your rear and pulling out facts that are stinky misleading misleading piles of “fact”

    • BenChase7

      Damn, good point… I try to explain this to Apple people all the time, but they don’t understand. Especially when you consider most Android phones (i.e. EVO) are 1 phone on 1 carrier, whereas the iPhone is being sold in multiple nations on countless carriers. Nor do they believe me when I tell them their iPhone 4 is not a 4G phone. Makes me lol. They dont even know what their buying half the time.

      • meetloaf13

        I mean, I could care less which phone is most popular, I just get tired of all these kinds of posts.

        • Chris Chavez

          I agree. I hate “market share” posts because they don’t mean much. The fact that the most successful Android device is STILL the Evo 4G was pretty surprising to me.

      • scrowtom

        How much is google paying you guys or are you doing this for free. I’m pretty sure people buy whatever phone they want with whatever os they want. But the un paid fan boys crack me up.

        • riffwaffle

          so your an idiot icrapple fanboy?

  • OMFCody

    The evo would have torn up the iPhone if it were to be on the same number of carriers.

  • Joshua Peters

    There is no one single android phone that could possibly take on all of Apple.

    • Kuzon

      In terms of sales yes, because there is too many options that buyers spread out. but the Galaxy S II I think is a home run.

    • Chris Chavez

      True, but apparently there is a single Android phone that can take on the rest of Android. The Evo 4G. =p

    • riffwaffle

      oh shup up already…if they offered crapple ios on other phones..we would see……people are morons….

  • Justin King

    Its a credit to how “right” the evo is/was for the market.

    Sadly HTC/sprint are just going to demonstrate how badly they misread what makes the evo great once they see the evo 3d numbers

    • phonejunkie

      They never expected the EVO 3D to put up numbers like the EVO 4G. It was a totally different game last June, compared to now. What else was there besides the EVO 4G. Also anyone that bought the EVO 4G after July last year, and isn’t Gold Premier, which majority aren’t, they can’t upgrade until next year. But I can tell you the EVO 3D actually sold quite a few units, considering the masses couldn’t upgrade this year. Had it not sold that well, you would see it at $99 at RS and BB after it’s been out for 2-3 weeks, which is where the Motorola Photon is.

  • Michael Radcliffe

    Motorola RAZR Android Edition will be the phone to take down all phones. I am completely making this phone up, but it sounds cool.

  • InspectorGadget80

    For a 99$ for two year contract can’t beat that! Pretty soon the Iphone will get knock out of the charts

  • BenChase7

    Long Live the EVO!

  • Walter

    1. This article is dumb. Apple has one phone. Android has many.

    2. Incredibly surprised to see my phone, the Inspire, on this list.

  • cityboytech

    Keep in mind many people get upgrades after TWO years, not one. So many of those customers are still rocking with their EVO 4Gs today

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, but these are sales in Q2. Like people actually buying them not market share. Evo 4G dominated every other Android device out there. Pretty amazing… =)

  • Guest

    i think HTC inspire 4g being 4th best is a good thing.

  • Dirk Diggler

    The Evo 4G was free at RadioShack.Com on 8/21/11, now it’s $29.99 as of 8/23/11 after I just checked, maybe it being free helped these numbers a lot.

    • EarlyMon

      So, it being free in August somehow made it sell more in April, May and June – 2 to 5 months earlier.

      • mrsbelpit

        slow clap

  • daveb123

    best selling android in Q2 where?? i take it americans are assuming the US is the whole world again… the htc evo 4g isnt the best selling anywhere in the uk, europe or asia. i dont think we even have it over here. it would be nice if the headlines where more accurately titled.

  • xmichaelx

    EVOs are good enough – that’s why they’re so popular.

    My gf got an EVO at xmas last year (I offered to buy her an iPhone since she likes Macs, but the EVO was just a better phone hardware-wise at the time). It’s great. It’s much, much better than my OG Droid, but the new phones coming out aren’t really much, much better than the EVO.

    Unless you really pay attention to technical specs (and very few normal users do) there’s really very little difference between an EVO and a Thunderbolt outside of LTE. Both run the same software just as smoothly.

    Just as the average user doesn’t need a high-end gaming computer, so the average user doesn’t need a phone beyond the EVO. It just works.

  • gs6456

    Am I the only one who read the title? This article is about the best selling Android phone in Q2. The rest of the list is irrelevant. The news here is that the EVO is selling more than any other Android phone in America.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Damn straight it’s the world’s best phone. too bad my Atrix didn’t make the top 4 list

  • vatylius

    Your logic is screwed up now because you think all “fandroids” logic is screwed up because of what some people said, they don’t represent the hole “fandroid” community.

  • Jorell Dye

    The Evo was the only phone at the time to be released on an actual working 4G network, and with it’s impressive specs and sexiness, it built an incredible hype. The average person who does not understand hardware specifications knows simply that the Evo is an amazing phone.

    It is the product of brilliant marketing.