Gingerbread Leaks for Motorola Droid 2 Global

The Motorola Droid 2 Global has been feeling a bit left out as Verizon has blessed several other members of their lineup with an update to Android 2.3. Lest D2g owners think they have been forgotten, a leaked build of Gingerbread has surfaced over at RootWiki.  The update is marked as build number 4.5.606.

While the leak is still being analyzed by members of the developer community, a rooted version of the file has not been released. The build is available as leaked, but can only be installed to a D2G with the latest stock software. While further testing needs to be done, early reports claim that the update brings along an unlocked bootloader.

The update is in the very early stages, so install at your own risk (or wait until a more stable build of the release is created for easy flashing to a rooted handset). The existence of Gingerbread for the Droid 2 Global doesn’t necessarily mean we will be seeing the official update anytime soon, but it is as good a sign as we have had that it will eventually grace the device.

[via RootzWiki | Thanks, James!]

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  • CurrentWeb

    No one get their hopes up, the bootloader is still locked… that’s now been confirmed by me and eight other devs. It is nice though, very smooth and the animations are just as good as the X and 2 leaks :)

  • Hobok

    Are the comments broken or disabled? Not sure why there’s only one other comment at the moment but thank you for posting this, Mr. Krause! Recently bought a Droid 2 Global (2 days before Verizon’s unlimited data vanished, actually) and this gives me hope for an update. :)