Samsung Fascinate 3G+ on TELUS Gets Gingerbread

Updates, fun fun fun! TELUS users that have opted to make the Samsung Fascinate 3G+ their device should be happy today knowing that the upgrade to Android 2.3.3 is now available, a testament to Samsung’s desire to improve their reputation regarding after-market update support. Instructions how to check for the OTA is below, but be sure to read the support page at their site for precautionary measures you should take before updating. [Mobile Syrup, Thanks Dave!]

As of August 2011, a new firmware version is available for the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 3G+. Before you update your smartphone, you need to know your current firmware version.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Applications.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Select About phone.
  4. You don’t need an upgrade if the:
    • Firmware version is 2.3.3
    • Build number is GINGERBREAD.LKF9.

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  • aeok18109

    #4 was a joke right? who wouldnt know what version of android they are running LOL. updates usually are a user interactive process. you would think if they remembered updating that bitch LOL

    • Carmen Diva

      Not necessarily. LOL my gramps has an Android phone(why idk) so usually he’ll just press whatever to get it going away.

      There are a lot of “Non tech” android owners aka 98% of android customers who have no clue what OS they are on and what features they have or don’t have.

  • Chris Tezak

    Where can I get that font?

    • Chris Tezak

      Font name is “Sansation” if anyone else was wondering.

  • Trent Neuman

    When the F&*K is samsung/rogers going to release gingerbread for the damn captivate!?!?!

  • Chris Tezak

    Actually, it’s not Sansation but it is close.

  • Chris Tezak

    It’s Bauhaus!