RIM Mistakingly Shows Off HTC Device In New Blackberry Promo Video [Lawl]

Awwww, look — it’s the new Blackberry 9803647 pretending to be “hip” and “new.” How cute. Today, RIM released this promo video of a launch party held in honor of their latest dumbphone, showing off the all new OS it will be running (yawn). The new Blackberry can run games! And message! And — wait — is that an Android device in the video? Either I stepped into the Twilight Zone where HTC is making the next Blackberry device or it seems RIM may have gotten a little confused with their own OS. In an attempt at displaying their new keyboard software (0:15 and 0:27), RIM somehow managed to mix up their Blackberry 9763545 with an HTC device (looks like an Incredible 2). I know, a small slip-up but funny none-the-less. Can’t say how long this video will remain up but back to the editing room, boys!

UPDATE: RIM pulled the video but not before my boy, @juanaguilar_45 was able to download. Here it is again:

Thanks, Denis!

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  • AJA0

    An HTC device with a Blackberry logo on the back?

    • http://www.techmantis.net/ Minja Miketa

      Exactly. I wonder how long this post will be up.

      • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

        @AJA0 and Mister_Eff
        Look at 0:15 and 0:27 in the video.

        Pause it.

        It’s an HTC phone with Sense UI and their Touch Input keyboard. You can also tell from the notification bar. =)

        • Giant_Bubble_Guy

          Yep, an Incredible 2 or S. The bottom most left key is obviously the “home” button in the landscape alignment.

          • OMFCody

            You’ve got to be blind not to notice all of that.

          • VinMessina

            Yea Blackberry’s have the green call button where that “home” button is.

    • emceephi

      Because they totally rotated this phone around 360 degrees to show the back with a Blackberry logo.

      Someone doesn’t understand video editing and cutting. Just because all these phones are in the same video, doesn’t mean they are all the same phone.

  • MarcusDW

    “Playing sub the new…Blackberry phone with an Android during the promo shoot” lol

  • dannydarko

    HaTaCBerry Touch 99OOPS … sweet. I wonder if it can run android apps natively like the HoneyComb Playbook..catch that one too..lol

  • pharmdy

    I bet all of those people were paid actors. Must’ve been paid a lot considering how enthusiastic they sounded about Blackberry products

    • http://twitter.com/fredacampos fredacampos

      Absolutely!!! It’s sad they have to pay people to pretend to like RIM.

  • LeakedDave

    This is hilarious.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Casey-Miller/1475610007 Casey Miller

    It looks like an iphone & i saw at least a dozen patent infringments!!!! Let the lawsuits begin!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha!

    • Jody Schoolcraft

      Nah, Apple only sues companies that it’s threatened by…(aka, companies that are making money)..;-)

  • The Omnipotent phatmanXXL

    Gotta love the schmucks in middle management.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    has the video been pulled?

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Yup, but we got it back up. Muahahaha! >:D

  • http://twitter.com/BasKoene Bas Koene

    Biggest fail ever! You can see it’s gingerbread!

    • Aztec713

      Or maybe biggest win for Android? lol

    • adi19956

      no you can’t

  • baopham

    LOL clearly RIM has no idea what they are doing.

  • Jesus

    You can also notice that it’s missing the middle square button from the featured black berry !

  • Mark dizz

    how do we get that incredible s keyboard on the sensation? I’d give up my trace option for those arrow keys!!!

  • Owewil3225

    Lol @ Dinc2 free promo.

  • Jim Holder

    mistakenly…. no such word as mistakingly

  • Carmen Diva

    Chris, i love your articles usually but this one was a little too…biased. I almost thought i was on engadget for a moment.

    and oh my. poor Rim

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Although I appreciate MOST OS’s (Android, iOS, WP7, WebOS), if there’s one that’s really behind the times (like still in ’05) it’s Blackberry’s.

      More than anything I feel sorry for the guy who edited this video. It’s not really his job to know ALL the differences between Blackberry and Android. He just needed to make a video of people playing with teh phonez and that’s what he did. Sucks that he got an Android in there though =/

  • http://profiles.google.com/chrisfsullivan Chris Sullivan

    @ 0.21 into the video you can see it say Telus TFC02-Clean 3G and I see a blackberry icon. Has anyone considered that this might be a blackberry running android?