Samsung Conquer 4G and HTC EVO 3D to Get Upgrades Pretty Soon

A pair of updates are going out for two of Sprint’s newest phones. The Samsung Conquer 4G will get a quick maintenance update the day it comes out, August 21st, something that isn’t all that uncommon these days. Nothing major – just patches some security holes.

The EVO 3D, on the other hand, is landing a much bigger update. We’ve got a fix for instances where the lockscreen gets stuck, the ability to transfer contacts over Bluetooth, a fix for one-day-off birthdays when synching to Facebook, GPS fixes, Spiderman stability issues are being addressed here and, last but not certainly least, Sprint’s giving users more freedom in which applications to remove (please be Spiderman 3D please be Spiderman 3D please be Spiderman 3D). The EVO 3D’s OTA is scheduled for August 23rd and will be a manual OTA (meaning you’ll have to poll the server in order to pull it down. [SprintFeed]

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  • iheartandroid

    Yeah, Spiderman needs to go. Too bad we won’t be able to delete some of the useless HTC stuff (Peep, Mirror..etc)

    • phonejunkie

      Those apps don’t really get deleted from the phone like Sprint claims. It hides them. If you do a factory reset, they are right back where they were.

  • Chris Chavez

    Bootloader unlock support as well? :D

  • Caleb Lewis

    I’ll let the devs crack it and see if there’s any other hidden bad stuff in there before I go ahead and take it. I rather enjoy root.

  • Aaron

    I just got the update for my evo 3d. So far everything seems to be running smoothly. As a side note I CAN Uninstall spiderman now lol.

  • Matt Hayes

    Just got the ping for the 2.08.651.2 update. Maybe they’re jumping the gun?

  • Jean-Paul Detiege

    I got it pushed to me this morning also. A coworker who also has the Evo 3D, hadn’t gotten notified, but when I told him, he manually polled the server and was able to pull it down.

    Upgrades you to 2.3.4!!!!

    • Nitebreed

      I had it pushed this morning also

  • Chad Rabanus

    I was able to remove Spider Man and The Green Hornet after update :D I wonder what else it allowed..