Man Roots 6-Foot Tall Nexus S At Best Buy – Lives To Tell The Tale [Video]

A friend of mine sent me this video of halfcab123 on YouTube who, while taking his Nexus S in to his local Best Buy for repairs, took the time to root the 6-foot tall Nexus S display they had in the store. A pretty amazing if not amusing feat. If you doubt that the monster sized Nexus S is in fact rooted, the guy goes on to give you video proof using Terminal Emulator. A tip of the hat to you, sir.

Thanks, Michael!

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  • Miguel Rodas

    Lol, that’s epic!

  • vinterchaos

    haha , thats awesome

  • Beau Christian


  • Wilson Fickle

    now install cm7 on it

  • p_droid

    So good.

  • jjrudey

    Download ROM Manager
    Install custom ROM

  • No_Nickname90

    Since it’s rooted that means it could be used, right? Hmm… People are starting to love Giant phones. Wow history does repeat itself. Back in the day cell phones used to be the size of cordless phones, then they started getting smaller, now they’re getting larger… again. Wow ok.

  • Jestered

    Guess I missed the self contained downloadable rooting package for the Nexus S. I thought even the latest one clicks req. a pc connection at some point. I think it would have been funny to see him gripping the volume and power button to put it into bootloader.
    Anything’s possible i guess. Either way it’s cool to see. :)

  • RH

    Thumbs up! That’s funny! I would have thought they would lock out downloading or access to market apps

  • George keridis

    f-ing, hilarious

  • Ryan Suos

    I think that’s bigger than my hdtv…

  • LeakedDave

    I want to snatch that from best buy in the middle of the night. Whose in? :D

  • danny fitzgerald

    Just plain Awesome. Would love to have seen it step by step.

  • Jerry

    I want to point out that he is smart enough to root a giant nexus s, but he couldn’t figure out his phone needed to be charged. what a dumbass.

    • John Edwards

      Seriously. When my phone doesn’t turn on for some reason, very first thing I do is plug it in to a power source to see if, say, the battery is dead? If that doesn’t work, I try another power source before I assume something must be wrong with the phone.

      Great. You rooted a giant Nexus S. Next time leave the story about how much you’re a dumbass out of it.

      • Chris Ridgeway

        as soon as you make a post like this, your credibility is zero, go troll somewhere else.

        • John Edwards

          Your credibility went to zero when you didn’t know your dead phone had to be charged. Go play butthurt somewhere else.

    • Brenton Klik

      He also couldn’t figure out how to take a better video by holding your phone sideways.

      • Chris Ridgeway


        • presto117

          Butt hurt much?

    • jniziolek

      I was thinking the same thing after I watched the video ….. very amusing

      • Chris Ridgeway

        Yeah well, guess, what i plugged my phone in and it wouldn’t work even when plugged in, nothing worked, and i was low on money at that time, and it freaked me out.

        • jniziolek

          No worries man, I did not mean anything by the comment, I’ve done plenty of stuff that would classify in the same category ….

    • Chris Ridgeway

      Oh ? Did you wanna make sure you pointed that out ? Get a life.

  • JulianZHuang

    download titanium backup.

  • commentotron

    If that is just a regular phone being displayed on a big touchscreen, then i want the app that does that. I’d love to dock my phone in the car and get the display with touch support on a bigger in-dash unit.

  • John

    if he said “rooted” one more time i was going to shoot myself ;)

    • Chris Ridgeway

      no its ok you don’t have to wait, go ahead.

  • Hobok

    LOL, totally awesome. xD

  • KatieRoss1218


  • The Omnipotent phatmanXXL

    I wonder how long it took to download the huge rom for that phone.

  • blaque_prince

    LMAO nice!

  • Frankie Abaddon

    Looking at someone banned at the VZW store for putting Android OS on the iPad thanks to a another hacker giving me the idea to paint my town green. Yes i actually had to buy the ipad got caught in the finishing stage hard to hide a netbook connected to a display unit and my buddy laughing. But hey if they didnt make me wait over 2hrs i wouldnt ov had the time to do it

  • makman123

    He’s from… a site that has kanged every noteworthy dev in the community. They host roms, themes, and mods built by other people on their website without permission from the original devs. All downloads are hidden behind a $5 “donation” paywall. They charge people money for work that’s not their own and that is available from other android dev forums for free. Don’t support anything even remotely related to that kang site.

    • Chris Ridgeway

      Don’t post if you don’t know what your talking about, thanks have a good day.

  • CuriousCursor

    screenshot you jackass! run SCREENSHOT!

  • Synacks

    You know, someone else probably rooted it and he is laying claim to it. Nowhere in the video did he actually show that he rooted it. Hell it could’ve even been rooted from the factory or some kid that works at Best Buy got a hold of it and rooted it. This video just shows nothing more than that Nexus S is rooted, nowhere does it show who actually did it.

    • donna

      This is Chris’ girlfriend :) I was actually with him while he rooted it, we were there for about an hour, so I do know for sure that he did it. And yes, the download took forever.

      • Synacks

        Oh really? Well what and where did he plug it into? The macro HDMI port on the side? Yes, I said macro because a big ass Nexus.

        • donna

          uh.. no – the files are all online.

  • John Fah-q Smith

    Does this have a MicroHDMI out?

    Would you need it?

  • Jeremy Tankersley

    Chris, why are you playing super defender? First day on the internet? People like to rip stuff apart, calm down. You’re making yourself look like a douchbag. And I’m sure you’ll further that by coming back at me. Oh well.

  • Jeremy Tankersley

    And I thought the video was hilarious, whether he actually rooted it or not.

  • jd_from_da_80s

    Makes me want to go to my Best Buy & root their display model. But if I get caught, I’m not buying it.

  • Michael Radcliffe

    The giant Nexus S at my Best Buy is rooted too…

  • Chris Ridgeway

    I would have much rather I been a 6 foot tall man, rooting a regular sized nexus.. :/