Official Gingerbread Update for the HTC Thunderbolt Leaked

If you’ve been an HTC Thunderbolt user patiently waiting for your turn to go at it with Gingerbread well, tonight might be your night. Or not, depending how you look it. Build number 2.07.605.0 was recently leaked for the Tbolt and although this will not be the final Verizon build, it is an official build from HTC (unlike all those test builds leaked in the past). While we can’t guarantee that updating to this version will allow you to update the final Verizon, if you feel like you’ve had enough of Froyo the instructions on updating are easy peasy.

For download links hit up the source below. Remember, Phandroid will not be held responsible for you bricking your device if something goes wrong. Even if you decide to pass on this update, it’s nice to know that we’re a least a few builds closer to that official OTA update from Verizon, isn’t it?

Thanks, Jeffery!

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  • BenChase7

    T-Blolt still waiting on gingerbread? I thought this was their “revolutionary” phone (to date). What is goin on with Verizon and updates/releases?

    • Chris Chavez

      Too many people on their network! Takes a lot of prep to send that much data to their billion customers =p

      • cigar3tte

        You make it sound like they’ve had something to send us…

    • Bite My Taint

      VZW sux balwz. Best thing you can do is root, flash a ROM that eschews their bloatware, and pay them the base minimum for their meddling (and service).

      • Robert Manser

        They have the fastest data around, Your just jealous

  • Larry Klemmer

    Said screw waiting as soon as Revolutionary for the Thunderbolt was released. Now running CM7 1.6.1 nightly build and I am a MILLION times happier.

    Anyone with any kind of previous doubts about rooting the thunderbolt, try out revolutionary, insanely easy.

    • Chris Chavez

      I have a Thunderbolt…. And I’m definitely thinking about it………..

      • Spencer Cole

        I’m rooted running CM7, and I’m thinking about going back to stock when they release it. I feel like I’m the only one who actually -likes- stock sometimes.

        • thajack

          You’re just hooked on Let’s Golf, eh?

    • thajack

      I’m running a bloatware-free ROM for my Thunderbolt right now, but I’ve been considering CM. How is it on the Thunderbolt? Have you come across anything that doesn’t work good?

    • Ariel Pascual

      Larry, sorry but i’m gonna have to ask, how easy is to do and is there step by step instructions on this…if you can help much thanks…-A

  • Venu

    Thinking about this :)

  • KellyInSanDiego

    I’m running the BAMF w/ Sense 3.0 and it couldn’t be smoother. Have had no issues with it.

    • miketb34

      i just rooted my thunderbolt last night i want that rom.,.but im sort of a noob i tried downloading from rom manager but it was giving me an error..any help?

    • Bite My Taint

      If BAMF/SkyRaider incorporate this source, I can only guess that our already cool world will get even tighter and more refined.

      TeamBAMF: saviors of the Thunderbolt!

  • Spencer Cole

    I’ve installed this rom, and its running fine so far. Here is a screenshot of the version from the initial install.

    Edit: I am restoring back to my CM7, because I lost root(theres a kernel you can flash it to give yourself root again), and I can’t push apps I’m developing at work to my phone. Hopefully we can figure out whats wrong with that so I can go back to it.

  • Sheena Hollis Reed

    apparently the pre rooted versions of these are causing people to lose root

  • David Weber

    Anyone that has run the unrooted version of the leaked update, is it wiping the phone?

  • Pat Seery

    I’m curious why it’s taking so long on this particular phone and why it was so much easier on the older models. Just curious I guess, I’m sure there’s an explaination.

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    Sense sucks. Root and go Cyanogenmod.