Sprint’s Nexus S 4G First to Sample Swype’s Latest Update


Beginning at 9AM today, owners of Sprint’s Nexus S 4G will get the first crack at the latest update to the Swype keyboard for Android devices. The new update introduces App Gestures, a feature that will allow users to select text and then send it to an application based on a keyboard shortcut. Say you find some text you’d like to send to your Twitter. Simply select it and then swipe from the Swype key to the letters T and W and the app will launch with the text already filled in. Other improvements include refined personal dictionary management as well as auto-capitalization of proper nouns. If you own the Nexus S 4G simply head over to about an hour from now and you should find the update primed and ready.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. yes it worked!

  2. They should just make swype available for purchase already its been over a year!

  3. Is there a reason when I register it just reloads the page instead?

    Update: Fixed it

  4. The spammers here are really stupid, can’t even read their spam.

    1. Right?! What the F#@K is this!!!! Stupid ads will never make them any money, just makes us REAL android fans hate them more which in turn loses them money cause NO ONE WILL EVER VISIT YOUR SITES!!!! BIDFIRST.COM….YOU SUCK BALLS!!!

  5. I have a GSM Nexus.. How can I install this..?

  6. Any word on how to get this on my TMo Nexus S? I’m part of the Swype Beta so I guess I should just go check

  7. I just have one question. Why can’t this keyboard get MULTITOUCH on top of all its awesome features? I really like Swype but would love to have the option to actually TYPE fast with it as well. Then it would be the best of both worlds and would be my permanent keyboard of choice.

  8. What are the other gestures to make shortcuts to share? The only one I know of is Twitter.

  9. I use SlideIT which is available for all devices and all providers. It is on the Android Market – no hacks required! And the best – they recently added skins!

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