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Motorola Triumph 3G Speeds Disappointing You? Try This [Forum Talk]

Some users over at have discovered that by manually updating to a non-consumer PRL and changing a line in the build.prop file of the Motorola Triumph they’re able to get noticeably increased 3G speeds, with one user professing he’d gone from a low of 80kbps up to a low of around 600. The PRL in question is said to come from select business account phones – this one didn’t make it to consumer phones, for some reason. Whatever the case is, someone is being a huge help in getting these updated PRLs out there and the users that have tried them are reporting great success. More information and full instructions here.

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  • Dan Espich

    PRL?? Pearl Riddled Log? Pig Riding Leprechaun?

    • Tony Gultice

      Preferred Roaming List. Basically a list of towers that the phone is ‘allowed’ to connect to without incurring a roaming charge to the carrier.

  • justin

    I think its more of a network issue. My girlfriend has an Optimus V that gets terrible speeds. I also have an Epic 4G on Sprint that has had he same problem for about two months now. Tmobile here I come if Sprint don’t fix their data.

  • Alejandro Trujillo

    i have no issues with this phone had it for almost a month now . works better after installing gingerbreak 1.1 and the battery lasts all day after installing gingerbreak 1.1