Kyocera Giving Away 10,000 Copies of Android’s Greatest Gaming Apps

In what seems like more of a “thank you” gift than an attempt at bolstering sales, Kyocera announced today that they would be giving away same of the hottest games in the Android Market for users of their wildly popular dual-screened Echo handset on Sprint. This is part of their “Summer of Free Apps” campaign in which the Kyocera will pay for the first 10,000 downloads for a handful of titles including: Burn the Rope, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball​, Colours, Coropata, Crazy Dunker, Cupig, Induced Current, SmackTalk!, Space Wander Landing, Sudoku Master​ and Transporter.

All these games can be found in the “Top Apps” shortcut in the Echo’s Android Market. Better hurry before the 10,000 copies run out! Hey, HTC. Where are my free games?

[Via Electronista]


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  • JulianZHuang

    i own a DINC running cm7, what do?

  • Niko Flores-Trejo

    How 10,000 copies of android’s greatest gaming apps for my EVO 3D

  • ClayRogers

    I love the “wildly popular” line!

  • Carmen Diva

    Oh, chris…starting to sound like engadget. I always hate hearing a professional review indirectly insult a phone(“wildly popular”) but i honestly do wonder how many of these phones Kyocera has sold(Seriously).