HTC Bootloader Unlock Website Now Offering Service to European HTC Sensation

HTC promised it’d be here this month and they delivered. After launching the new that included a placeholder for a future bootloader unlocking tool, they’ve gone and made the process available for the first device – the HTC Sensation.  While we here at can’t test it, HTC provides the process in easy-to-follow instructions. If you’ve gone anywhere near XDA then this should feel at home for you. Remember, by accepting to unlock your bootloader you may be subject to a voided warranty if it’s ever broken. With that said, get started at Sensation 4G (T-Mobile USA) and HTC EVO 3D (Sprint) users will have a little while longer to wait (though other unofficial methods do exist). [Thanks Barry!]

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  • Brad W. Cooper

    I am glade that companies are starting to unlock there bootloader since android is suppose to be open source. Will make a lot of people that much happier and will want to buy there products even more. Now I wish Moto would fallow suit.

  • Patrick Washington

    They only did it because of the poor PR backlash they got from users. If the people wouldn’t have spoken up, this practice of locking bootloaders would just continue.

    • Ash

      Still, it’s better than some company telling the customer they are holding it wrong, then tells the customers other companies sucks too, then fling a case to shut them up….

  • Wo Shi Dhanne

    pls help i got command error on command prompt when i use fastboot oem get_identifier_token… plas help