Google Celebrates the Purchase Of Motorola With a Quick Game of Ping Pong

Funny, I always thought meetings for these big, multibillion dollar acquisitions would take place on the top floor of a sky rise somewhere with hundreds of lawyers in fancy suits but who are we kidding — this is Google! And just how did Google celebrate the year’s biggest jaw dropper in mobile? Why, with a quick sesh of ping pong of course. Yup, just a couple of guys in t-shirts and jeans, having a good time after a $15 billion dollar deal. Andy Rubin (right) even points out on his Google+ profile that the “Blur” next to Larry Page (left) is Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha (I couldn’t help but L.O.L.). Let’s hope Larry can convince Sanjay to increase the camera sensors on future devices so they appear less “Blurry.”

[Via Google+]

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  • ByebyeMotoHelloGooglerola

    Hopefully the big G will finally get rid of that nasty BLUR crap.

  • wrceuro

    Hopefully they will get rid of Apple. I have never seen a bigger bastard in my life then Steve Jobs. He is a modern day Hitler.

    • Chris Chavez

      Not so sure Stevie Jay was ever directly or indirectly responsible for the mass genocide of a race of people……..

      Still don’t like him but he’s more like the Spencer Pratt of the tech world =p

      • Ericmarkwilliams

        I agree. Hate his products but comparing him to Hitler is way over top.

      • Arthur Curry

        Well, he was indirectly responsible for all those factory workers commiting suicide cause of the work conditions while making iphones… with his head! :D

        • Dario Sucic

          He wasn’t related to that at all.
          That’s the same as if I would say:
          If you buy a glass of lemonade, and the guy selling it kills himself, are you responsible then? Well of course!

      • Micah Madru

        He is responsible for the attempted genocide of some great devices (stupid lawsuits over the galaxy tab 10.1 and xoom?)

      • Dario Sucic

        You kidding me?? Steve jobs is a f****** killing machine.

    • RitishOemraw

      Wow…seriously? With comments in that fashion I would’ve thought you were one of the brainless iPhone crowd.

      Sure Steve can be a dick at times, but he is the CEO of a capitalistic company…what do you want him to do? Say: “Android is better than iOS I’ll just turn Apple around and focus on creating android apps?”
      Your shortsightedness is exactly the thing I hate about fanboys.

      Apple is a great company, sure they make inferior products in my opinion, but at least it gives Android some competition….for those of you who didn’t know, competition is good, it serves the customers

      Comparing him to Hitler….man…that’s just ignorant!

  • phonejunkie

    I think a lot of people are reading way too much into this. Google did this for one reason, and one reason only. Patents. Although it would be nice if they could help Motorola with that god awful UI they’re still using.

    • Chris Chavez

      They also wanted new friends to play ping pong with =p

  • scott

    That is too ironic,! Lmao they should start a new carrier network as well. Call the merger MOOGLE

    • JamesS

      Great Moogley Googley!

    • NightAngel79


  • scott

    Call it Moogle

  • chekorama

    good way to celebrate,guys. Congratulations for the great move baying Motorola, to defend android from the devils apple-microsoft and others. GO GOOGLE GO!!!!!

    • LeakedDave

      Devils xD

  • Fap Gadget

    This is actually quite amusing.

  • NovaeMeme

    I love this! I also love this deal. It makes so much sense. It doesn’t hurt that I happen to own MMI either. What a nice profit I made today. Plus, it just so happens that I took advantage of Sony’s new lower prices on Google TVs this weekend and I have a 32″ Sony/Google TV coming tomorrow (Tiger Direct “open box”) for only $450!!! Woohoo!!! What a day, what a weekend purchase. :D

    • Chris Chavez

      I will punch you in the throat if I ever catch you on da streets o_O

      • OnpointG3

        Lol he brought it

      • Chris Chavez

        Oh shoot. Just scanned the comment and thought you were a spammer. “32 Sony TV, Tiger Direct, low prices.”

        My apologies!!! xD

  • Steve Bernier

    I love Android and will not buy Apple product for myself – they are too costly for what they deliver, BUT in my minds Steve Jobs re-invented the smartphone. A lot of marketing, but they deliver.

    As for Moto-Google, go Google go!

  • GiqueGuy

    Now THIS makes sense. I just hope that Google remains committed to all of their other partners that have made Android so successful.

  • Christopher Suits

    This whole deal was just a ploy to get a ping pong game going :)

  • lordmerovingian

    Last i checked, the proper name is Table tennis. Ping Pong sounds so déclassé.

  • Lee Orozco

    Does that mean my original Droid will finally get gingerbread?

  • DroidRiffic

    I will punch you in the throat if I ever catch you on da streets o_O

  • No Name

    This is exactly how big IT deals are done. That what I love about us, IT guys. We’re not about fancy golf swings or cool yachts. We’re about fun, in any shape or form, whether ping-pong, or a punk music concert.
    I used to work for Oracle, as a Sales Consultant, and this is what I miss so much now.