AT&T: Samsung Infuse 4G Will Receive Gingerbread Update This Month

If you are an Infuse 4G owner here in the states, you might have been a little heated when you learned that the Rogers Canada version would release with Gingerbread. Even though AT&T had announced that every Android device released this year would be updated to Gingerbread, including the Samsung Infuse 4G, no specific time frame was given.

Well, I have some good news for you tonight! According to this conversation AT&T was having with someone via Twitter, the Infuse 4G will be receiving their Gingerbread OTA update this month. I’m sure this comes as great news to all you Infuse 4G owners out there (Mariela) who have been waiting patiently. As soon as the rollout officially begins, you best believe we’ll be letting y’all know.

[Via Electronista]

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  • Keith Thibodeaux

    Yeah, Samsung is good like that.

  • jonnyboypwns

    yayyyy…..i think….. i have had gingerbread for a month on my infuse

    • Chris Chavez


      • jonnyboypwns

        you bet your ass

    • Matthew Charters MacLean

      which rom?

  • Mariela Rivas

    Yesssss! :O

  • Daniel

    Thank you att! This might be the only time i ever say it but i love att. Any news on whether or not it will include touchwiz 4?

  • tonmil

    Perhaps Gingerbread will fix the GPS accuracy problem and finally make Google Maps Navigation usable on the Infuse

  • BigCiX

    Samaung still having g GPS problems. My third captivate GPS works slightly better. Anyway I hope this curse doesn’t follow me when I get the LG Thrill.

  • Jorge

    Yess …one of the best phones is getting Gingerbread .Infuse is baddass I wonder what new features it will add? Anyone know

  • TBN27

    If i were on at&t, this phone or the atrix would’ve bern my choice.

  • Dave Torres

    Good luck with that update, I wasted about 8 hours going back and forth from this store and that store trying to get the update on the SIM card for the G2.

  • Dave Torres

    Good luck I tried getting the update for 8 hours, going to this store and that store, what a waste. It was supposed to be done on a SIM card for the G2.

  • JSYOUNG571

    Glad that the Gingerbread update is coming. My worries is about the applications on our phones.Will they be able to handle the update?

  • MohammadAdib

    BS…its august 30 and no update I HATE AT&T come on keep your promise…ugh so stupid im gonna hack my phone into geingerbread now this is too long a wait…

    • sam

      you are right it is 08/31/2011 and i don’t see it is coming. fucking AT&T is always sucks and never keep promise.

  • Janbur

    8/31 and no OTA. Sigh.

  • Garland Sadler

    AT&T missed the deadline. Let’s see if they have a response.

  • james rinza

    I have a bad taste in my mouth from. Samsung