SixAxis Controller Allows You to Use Your PS3 Controller for Gaming (On Some Phones)

Everyone’s been wondering if we’d ever get the ability to use the SixAxis/Dual Shock 3 PS3 controllers via Bluetooth for Android gaming. While it took quite a while, we’re glad to see that a solution is finally here. It’s called SixAxis controller and it allows you to pair your PS3 controller with your rooted Android phone or tablet for gaming in emulators. Unfortunately, device support is a bit shallow for most HTC devices and some newer Samsung devices (due to changes made by the OEMs to the Bluetooth stack). Can’t hurt to try it on whatever phone you have, anyway, so be sure to give it a shot for $1.67. [Market, Thanks Dennis!]

[Update]: As our commenters below have suggested, SixAxis Compatibility Check will let you test compatibility before buying so you won’t risk losing out on $1.67 for an app that may be useless to you. Give it a whirl in the market here. [Thanks, all!]

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  • jd_from_da_80s

    They also have an app called Sixaxis Compatibility Checker that will allow to see if your phone works with it before you buy the app.

    Please don’t give it 1 star because it doesn’t work with your phone.

    • Josh Flowers

      just used the compatibility checker, it’s a no-go for rooted Thunderbolt.
      great app, hope it supports more phones soon. i’d definitely pick it up

      • Alpha_Axl

        My rooted Thunderbolt worked just fine. Guessing you’re not using Cyanogen?

        • Jason

          As I understand it there are only a few stock roms that it will work with. If you have CyanogenMod on your phone though it will work

    • ClarkyAC

      No go for the Samsung Galaxy S II :(

    • B2L

      Thanks for the heads up. :) Looks like my Nexus S is compatible. Yay!

  • Robert Alex Kibler

    Whoops, I meant to email this to you last week when the developer released it. Working great on my Droid 2 Global.

  • sn0pzer

    Works fine on my Nexus S

    Oh and no problem Quentyn :) There is an app with which you can check if your device is compatible, it’s called “Sixaxis Compatibility Checker”. Maybe you could update the article…? Here’s a link:

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Thanks to you and everyone for suggesting this. Better than buying the app and fumbling with the 15 minute refund window.

  • D

    No luck on epic 4g with bonsai…

  • Nic

    No go for rooted Samsung Charge :(

  • Ogami Itto

    As long as you’re on CM7, you’ll be able to use this.

  • John Landgrave

    For the record, it works on the Xoom (once rooted) with a stock 3.2 ROM. Also FPse, Gameboid, and SNESoid all work beautifully with it.

  • polarbehr76

    Test passed on Rooted DX

  • Eyad (formerly CTownOL)

    PS3 remotes can be expensive. I found a nice cheap one from DealExtreme (but I don’t know if they are compatible with this app):

    I really like it. Not trying to spam, I hope that helps!

  • AndroidSim

    you could always install the drivers manually to ensure connectivity